A Low Cost College Plan for Dummies and Slackers

May 7, 2009 by  
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university_obamaPresident Obama and his educratic team are on record as stating that: (1) more American citizens (and resident invaders) should be going to college; and (2) taxpayers need to fund more  loans and grants to make that happen. I don’t like the President’s plan. I have a better one. Read more


Private Student Loan Lenders Prepare for Battle

April 21, 2009 by  
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student_loanThe federal government has been subsidizing student loans made by private lenders since 1965. This must end and, to his credit, that is what President Obama wants to do. Read more


Propagating Bad Financial Judgment Down the Family Tree

I have written in the past about the relentless march of the financially clueless.  As far as I know, being clueless in matters of personal finance is not genetic.  Nevertheless, we should never underestimate the ability of today’s parents to teach their children all of the wrong lessons about managing money. Read more


Law Students in Debt and in Doubt – Spread the Word

Mr. ToughMoneyLove enjoys blogging but makes his living practicing law.  I also teach part-time at a local top 20 law school.  I hope this allows me to speak with some authority on the topic of excessive borrowing and unreasonable financial expectations of law students and law student wannabes.  If you or a friend/family member are a lawyer wannabe, please carefully consider what you are about to read.  Read more