Buying Quality to Save Money – The Grill

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These past two weeks I’ve been playing musical chairs with our backyard grills. It culminated with a trip to the county dump where I discarded the grill loser. But this post is more about buying quality to save money. Read more


Reason Prevails over Spending Temptation

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You may recall that Mr. ToughMoneyLove had a little cell phone vs. water episode during last week’s vacation. After a brief period of anxious withdrawal, I enjoyed several stress-free days of life without a phone in my pocket. Read more


How Much Can You Afford?

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empty_pocketsWhen considering a purchase of goods or services, how many times have you asked yourself “How much can I afford?”

Or do you subconsciously avoid the question and go with a gut feeling?  That feeling is usually wrong. But you subconsciously knew that as well, didn’t you? Read more


Subscriber Swap Saturday: No Debt Plan

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Today Mr. ToughMoneyLove wants to introduce my readers to another personal finance blog that I like to read, No Debt Plan.

No Debt Plan is about getting and staying out of debt with a plan.  Kevin, the author, is passionate about budgeting, saving for the future, and using goals to reach financial freedom.  You can subscribe to his blog by RSS or email.

This is the second Subscriber Swap Saturday that Kevin has run.  The basic idea is to get the subscribers of one blog to subscribe to the other blog for at least a week, just to try it out.  After a week if you don’t find that blogger’s content enticing, drop it.  The hope is that over time you will find several writers that you weren’t familiar with that provide meaningful content to you.  (You can read more about Subscriber Swap Saturday at his blog.) 

I had a chance to interview Kevin to briefly talk about himself and his blog:

Read more


Question Answered: Why Liberals Like Economic Gloom and Doom

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Rahm Emanuel seems to have answered my question as to why the liberal media tend to promote economic gloom and doom.   In a Sunday interview, when asked about the current economic crisis, the incoming Obama Chief of Staff said:

Rule one:  Never allow a crisis to go to waste. They are opportunities to do big things.

I interpret this burst of candor by Emanuel to mean that there is no reason to moderate negative news about the economy or even to boost consumer confidence until after the Obama team puts its “big things” in place.  I am afraid these “big things” include “big” spending, “bigger” taxes (on some of us), and the “biggest” government deficits imaginable.  For good measure, Congress will no doubt throw in some good ol’ fashioned pork barrel “infrastructure” on top of the pile of big things.

Anyway, thanks to Mr. Emanuel for clearing that up for us.


Media-Types Struggle to Get on the Same Economic Page

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I was amused and intrigued by Sunday’s print edition of our local newspaper.  The business section featured four articles under the following headlines:

“Foreclosure Wave Hits Malls”

“Big Players Scale Back Charitable Donations”

“Global Crisis Jolts Tourism in Caribbean”

“Companies Whack Pay Raises, Bonuses”

Definitely a doom and gloom article collection wouldn’t you say?   This selection came from a newspaper with a definite liberal editorial staff.  (By they way, when did organized crime slang like “whack” become a mainstream media headline verb?) Read more


Spenders Jumping on the “Shopping is Patriotic” Bandwagon

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Black Friday always makes for an interesting study in consumer behavior.  In addition to the shocking news about the Walmart tragedy, commentary from the shoppers themselves is instructive.

Mr. ToughMoneyLove was listening to NPR today when a field reporter caught up with a Black Friday shopper waiting for a Best Buy to open at 4:00 AM. This particular shopper had been in line since 5:00 PM they before.  Explaining herself, she said that “she didn’t have much happening on Thanksgiving.”  I’m guessing that whatever she had going on, it involved closely studying the Black Friday sales fliers. Read more


Thanksgiving Reminders

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Mr. ToughMoneyLove is taking a break today and giving thanks for all of the reasons I explained yesterday (including thanks to those who read this and I hope are also giving themselves a break.

If you are considering doing some Christmas shopping this weekend, please take it easy on the Christmas Consumerism, don’t spend all of your year-end bonus before you receive it, and consider giving a gift of personal finance education to those who might need it.

After enjoying the holiday, come back tomorrow for more hard truth from Mr. ToughMoneyLove.  Also, if you head on over to the Consumerism Commentary blog, Flexo is publishing tomorrow a guest post I wrote on “The Mythical Demise of Social Security.” 

Now on to watch some football…..


Giving Thanks that our Government Has Not Yet Ruined My Financial Life

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If you have read my blog for any length of time, you know that I lack confidence in the ability of the federal government to competently manage our economy.  Both Congress and the Executive Branch are now painfully reminding us why economics is known as the “dismal science.”  

Nevertheless, on this Thanksgiving Eve, Mrs. ToughMoneyLove and I are thankful for many things in our lives, including the realization that our government has not yet succeeded in beating us into submission.   We have three wonderful sons, two gainfully employed in secure jobs and the third doing well in college.  They continue to live debt-free lives.  Read more


Meet Your New Friends …. Same as Your Old Friends

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Mr. ToughMoneyLove has voted in elections since 1968.  In 1971 The Who (remember them?) released my favorite of their songs, “Won’t Get Fooled Again.”  I think of that song each election night, particularly the last lines: Read more


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