Obama Wipes the Noses of Crybaby Consumers

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crybaby_consumersThis week we saw the spectacle of President Obama wiping the noses of whiny consumers because credit card companies were being mean. He summoned the leaders of those companies to the White House to tell them to stop being such bad people, or he would spank them. Read more


Obama Pitches His Stimulus Plan – An Assessment

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I tend not to watch Presidential press conferences because they too often are just left-over campaign speeches that have been condensed and re-packaged.    Nevertheless, I forced myself to watch President Obama’s press conference last night because it was his first as President but more important, it was his last and best opportunity to sell his stimulus plan to the American people.  This is my assessment of that attempt.

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Question Answered: Why Liberals Like Economic Gloom and Doom

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Rahm Emanuel seems to have answered my question as to why the liberal media tend to promote economic gloom and doom.   In a Sunday interview, when asked about the current economic crisis, the incoming Obama Chief of Staff said:

Rule one:  Never allow a crisis to go to waste. They are opportunities to do big things.

I interpret this burst of candor by Emanuel to mean that there is no reason to moderate negative news about the economy or even to boost consumer confidence until after the Obama team puts its “big things” in place.  I am afraid these “big things” include “big” spending, “bigger” taxes (on some of us), and the “biggest” government deficits imaginable.  For good measure, Congress will no doubt throw in some good ol’ fashioned pork barrel “infrastructure” on top of the pile of big things.

Anyway, thanks to Mr. Emanuel for clearing that up for us.


Media-Types Struggle to Get on the Same Economic Page

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I was amused and intrigued by Sunday’s print edition of our local newspaper.  The business section featured four articles under the following headlines:

“Foreclosure Wave Hits Malls”

“Big Players Scale Back Charitable Donations”

“Global Crisis Jolts Tourism in Caribbean”

“Companies Whack Pay Raises, Bonuses”

Definitely a doom and gloom article collection wouldn’t you say?   This selection came from a newspaper with a definite liberal editorial staff.  (By they way, when did organized crime slang like “whack” become a mainstream media headline verb?) Read more


What if Obama Appointed You Economic Policy Advisor of the Day?

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One of the first reality television series was “Queen for a Day.”  Three women appeared on stage, told a humiliating sob story or two about their lives, then waited for the audience to vote one of them “Queen” with their applause.  The winner would receive a crown, roses, and some mostly lame prizes.  When the show ended, the “Queen” surrendered her crown and returned to the sad life from which she briefly emerged.   (Yes, I’m aware of my frequent use of nostalgic segways.  Please bear with me.  It’s good exercise for my aging memory.) Read more