Quarterly Net Worth and Investment Review

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Now that our vacation is over and I am again immersed in the harsh realities of our financial lives, it’s time for a brief look back at what happened in the second quarter of 2009. Read more


Quarterly Investment and Net Worth Review

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net_worthThe first quarter of 2009 has ended. Thus, it’s time to formally re-visit a couple of performance metrics in the Mr. and Mrs. ToughMoneyLove financial empire. (OK – our financial realm is more like a hamlet than an empire but it’s still important to us.) Read more


My Year End Financial Performance Review

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Mr. ToughMoneyLove has spent a good part of the past five months being critical of others who use poor judgment in matters of personal finance.  Many of my targets have been politicians, Wall Street investment bankers, and disciples of the almighty credit score.  Depending on your own attitude about these subjects, I may come across as an arrogant know-it-all.  There is no question that I infuse my writing with heavy doses of skepticism and sarcasm.  However, none of my targets have been you personally.  When I write, no offense is intended to any of you and, I hope, none taken.  (There have been a few obnoxious comments left but I use the ultimate weapon on those folks:  I delete their comment.)  Read more


It’s Time to Estimate the Market Value of Your Home

We’ve all been avoiding the scary task of checking on the current market value of our home.  We have read that the median price on sales of existing homes fell 13.2% in one year, the biggest drop in 40 years.  We also know that new housing starts in November were 624,000 units, down from 1,178,000 units a year ago.  (Source: Barron’s)  All of the housing news is bad except for mortgage rates which have fallen.

Mr. ToughMoneyLove thinks it’s time for all homeowners to face the music and find out what has happened to our own home valuations.  The numbers won’t get any better if you avoid looking at them.  I promise. Read more


The Tough Money Love “Can I Afford it?” Quiz

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Karen Datko over at the Smart Spending blog tipped us off to a nice summary published by the Strump of ten ways to tell if you can afford it.   The Strump’s list is excellent as far as it goes but Mr. ToughMoneyLove is now inspired to administer the second part of the affordability quiz.

So here are ten Tough Money Love ways to know when you can’t afford to buy something: Read more


The Obama Economic Advisory Team – A Scary Group

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If you want to predict what an inexperienced politician will do when suddenly elevated by voters into a position of vast power and influence, it helps to evaluate the people he has picked to advise him.  So it is with President-Elect Barack Obama. Read more


Reasons Why it is More Fun and Logical to Monitor Net Worth not Credit Scores

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Today’s post is about tracking your personal net worth and your credit score as an enjoyable activity and as measure of financial success.  This article addresses the relative merits in a personal financial plan of monitoring your net worth as compared to your credit score.  In that sense, this post can be considered to be Part 3 of my Campaign Against Credit Score Obsession.  (Here are Part 1 and Part 2 if you want to read them first.) Read more


Responsible Credit Score Strategies for Young Adults

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You Can Improve Your Credit Score and Build Wealth

Yes – you read that title correctly.   Mr. ToughMoneyLove is going to discuss credit score strategies.  Why?  As I continue my tough love campaign against credit score obsession, I have to acknowledge that it is unlikely that readers will choose my path of being completely oblivious to my credit score. Read more