You Can Benefit from Impending Inflation

I have a suggestion for how you can benefit in residential real estate from the approaching inflation.

When writing about inflation, most personal finance writers (including Mr. ToughMoneyLove) spend most of their energy on damage control. We talk about investing in gold, commodities in general, or inflation protected securities such as I-Bonds and TIPS. There is a lot more of that going on now because of current government fiscal and monetary policies. Most experts just can’t see a way for our economy to avoid the ravages of escalating inflation in the very near future.

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Will the Fed Push Inflation to Help the Spenders?

November 7, 2008 by  
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While driving to work yesterday, I heard an interesting interview on the Fox Business Network.  The discussion was focused on what the Fed would be doing in the coming months to address the multitude of economic problems that relate to monetary policies over which the Federal Reserve has some control. 

Everyone in the discussion agreed that the Fed was between a rock and hard place in trying to concurrently deal with rising deficits, continued contraction of economic activity, and inflationary pressures.  Read more