Frugal Living – Have I Seen the Light?

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frugal_sunriseMr. ToughMoneyLove has several times mentioned on this blog that he likes to refer to himself as a money strategist, not a frugalist. By that I mean I make sure our long term investment plans are fully funded, that we have adequate cash reserves for emergencies, our debts are eliminated, and our essential costs of living are covered. After that, I pay a lot less attention to spending. Based on recent events, I may need to reconsider things. Read more


A Baby Boomer Interviews Himself

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Most of you know that Mr. ToughMoneyLove is a baby boomer.  (If you didn’t know that, you might want to read my About page.)

What some of you may not know is that I blog as a baby boomer on a different blog, Go To Retirement.  It is a blog that I started in late November 2008 in sort of a “soft launch” mode.  After working on the design and content of the site, and figuring out things such as how often I would be posting, I have decided it is time to more formally introduce readers of Tough Money Love to Go To Retirement.  I thought a good way to do that would be to have me, Mr. ToughMoneyLove, interview myself, Mr. GoTo.  So here goes.

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Eight Baby Boomer Money Mistakes You Should Avoid

Baby boomers have been receiving a lot of criticism in recent months for their collective contributions to our country’s economic problems.  First, we are blamed for an extreme amount of debt driven consumption that inflated highly leveraged real estate and credit bubbles.  Second, we are now being blamed for an excess of saving when many so-called economic experts are calling for increased consumer spending.  In general, boomers are probably guilty on both counts.   I have a suggestion. Read more


Is Our Economy on an Unstoppable Demographic Slide?

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Economic prognosticator Harry Dent was a guest of Neil Cavuto last night on the Fox Business Network.  Dent is one of those “experts” who sells his opinions to investors and financial advisers in the form of subscription newsletters and the like.  I generally listen to what the hired guns have to say more as a matter of curiosity than to be educated.   Dent, however, said some things that seemed to make some real sense.  He clearly is no dummy, having been well educated in economics and finance, with a couple of best selling books to his credit. Read more


Investing for Baby Boomers – A Book Review

“You’re Fifty – Now What?  Investing for the Second Half of Your Life” (Charles R. Schwab)

I admit it, I’m a baby boomer.  That means I read books with words like “fifty” in the title, including this one.  It could have been titled “Investing for Baby Boomers” (as I’ve listed it in the title of this post) because that is the essential focus of the book.  I suppose my title just doesn’t have enough “pop.”   The title tag line is a good one because I feel like I truly am in the second half of my life.  (Mathematically I’m probably more than half-way through, at least of the parts that I will remember!) Read more