Unemployment Banned in District of Columbia?

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To be honest, Mr. ToughMoneyLove hasn’t fully made up his mind about all aspects of Obama Care. One thing for sure that I don’t like is the way that the plan will explode the federal health care bureaucracy.

I suppose you could call it the District of Columbia Full Employment Act. Read more


Health Care Reform – Personal Reality Check

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health_reformIt’s too soon to know exactly how health care reform will look when Congress is finished with it. That isn’t stopping politicians and pundits from commenting about how good or bad it is. Read more


Why Don’t Employees Pay for Unemployment Insurance?

January 13, 2009 by  
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Before you start calling me bad names, let me assure you that even Mr. ToughMoneyLove has sympathy for the unemployed.  I am so grateful that I am not one of them.  For any of you out there looking for a job in this awful economy, I truly hope you find one ASAP.  Just don’t assume that President Obama will dump one in your lap anytime soon.  (That’s a story for another day.) Read more


Ways You Should Not Save Money This Year

January 3, 2009 by  
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The popular media are chock full of ideas on how consumers can save money this year.  The frugalists who write personal finance blogs are particularly good at identifying clever and unique ways of saving money on almost anything you can think of.

Unfortunately, I have been reading articles in my local paper and elsewhere that some people are saving money in ways that are shortsighted and financially risky.  That got me thinking that maybe someone should point out those mistakes and perhaps prevent others from doing the same things.   So I appointed myself – Mr. ToughMoneyLove – to do that job.
Read more


Money, Muffin Tops and the Future of Health Care Costs

December 15, 2008 by  
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Yes I know that title is a little strange for a Mr. ToughMoneyLove Monday morning article but bear with me.  It is indeed about hard truth and your money. Read more


Time for a Closer Look at Long-Term Care Insurance

October 16, 2008 by  
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Mr. ToughMoneyLove is looking again at long-term care insurance.  So should many of you.  I will tell you why in a minute.  First, let’s deal with a misconception that you may have….. Read more


The Uncle Sam All-Risk Insurance Company is Back in Action

September 14, 2008 by  
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Our Best Wishes to the Good Folks in Galveston, Texas 

To everyone in Texas who suffered a personal loss from Hurricane Ike, Mr. ToughMoneyLove extends you sympathy and hope for a rapid recovery. 

I also hope that you have excellent insurance and that you are current on your premiums.  

I hope that we don’t end up paying your insurance premiums in the form of another increase in the federal deficit.  We’ve already done this in response to the Katrina debacle (and I’m sure the federal government is still bleeding money to the Katrina “victims.”)  Read more


Why Your Stock Transactions (and mine) Won’t Affect the Market

September 3, 2008 by  
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Sometimes those of us who own individual stocks think that our buying and selling may affect market prices for that stock.

Others have expressed concern that as baby boomers retire and reduce the percentage of equity holdings in their portfolios, stock prices overall will be depressed.

Based on the news coming out of the Conference Board this week, Mr. ToughMoneyLove is here to assure you that, as individual investors, our collective stock transactions really don’t mean much in the grand scheme of things. Read more


Use this HSA Calculator to Predict the Future Value of Your Health Savings Account

August 26, 2008 by  
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This post is for those of us of who are now or who will be covered under a high deductibe health insurance plan that is combined with a Health Savings Account or HSA.  Even if you are upset that you are in such a plan (don’t you like to be a healthcare consumer?), you should still read on. Read more


Using Your Health Savings Account as a Super Roth Investment Vehicle

I forgot to tell my readers that the Free Money Finance blog recently published my guest post on using your health savings account (or HSA) as a super-Roth investment vehicle. You can read it at the excellent FMF blog along with some excellent comments and feedback from FMF readers.  Check it out – you may want to give this different retirement planning strategy a try.


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