Businesses that Should be Taxed into Oblivion

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My general view of government is that sticks its bureaucratic nose into too much of our personal business. There are exceptions, one of which I was reminded of during a recent visit with my cousin in Chicago. I would like to see the government use more of its taxing authority to drive universally bad businesses – well – mostly out of business.

The businesses that I dislike provide nothing of objective value to society or to an individual, except for the business owner. That would not be my sole criterion for taxing a business to death. In addition to not delivering measurable value, the targeted business would also produce results that negatively impact the rest of us.

One example of a business I would burden with oppressive taxes is a tanning bed salon. Tanning under the lights is universally recognized as dangerously unhealthy. Dumb-ass bronzers with skin cancer cost us all money. If they are insured, our premiums are higher to compensate. If they are not insured, we end up paying more taxes and/or higher medical costs to provide the free care.

You might ask if I would be in favor of simply banning the sale and use of all tanning beds. I won’t go that far. I just want the taxes high enough so that the only people who might go to tanning salons are both stupid and rich. Let them fill the tax buckets with huge personal donations while they slowly kill themselves.

There are other businesses I would target, if possible. Any retail store that relies on cigarette sales to survive needs to be gone.

If I could find a way to target the worst 25% of my fellow lawyers with killer taxes, I would. Do I need to explain why? I didn’t think so.

My fellow blogger Kyle at Amateur Asset Allocator¬†also suggested that “junk food” be taxed to death. That would difficult. First, some folks would classify 75% of the products in a typical grocery store as “junk food.” Second, some people would starve to death if they couldn’t eat junk food. That’s harsh, even for Mr. ToughMoneyLove. Also, what would happen to the pharmaceutical industry if we wiped out diabetes?

What would you tax to death?

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3 Responses to “Businesses that Should be Taxed into Oblivion”
  1. Holly says:

    Liquor stores; some of us could use a real deterrent from buying the stuff!

  2. kitty says:

    Legalize prostitution, then regulate them and tax them. Would save money on the law enforcement, cut on the diseases, make sure that everyone involved is over 18, and earn more in taxes.

    Ditto about marijuana. Didn’t we learn anything from the Prohibition? Legalize it, then tax it into oblivion.

    Holly – the taxes on alcohol are already fairly high. At some point, if people start buying less, you’ll start losing revenue. Also, quoting one of the interviews in The Prohibition documentary that recently aired on PBS – it’s available on the PBS website in its entirety if anybody is interested – only about 10% has a problem with alcohol. 90% have no problems, so why should 90% have to suffer because of 10%? If you have a problem with alcohol – deal with your problem.

    Re: tanning. I don’t use the places and don’t really have problems with taxing them, but keep in mind that while the sun exposure increases risk of skin cancer, it results in extra vitamin D (and unlike vitamin D you get from supplements, you cannot get too much of it from the sun); and a number of studies showed that it may decrease risk of other cancers. Notice, there is less colon cancer, breast cancer, etc. in climates with more sun exposure. Plus, some people get “winter blues”.

  3. MasterPo says:

    That is a gutless answer!

    If you don’t like a business propose legislation to ban it’s products/services and let’s see who votes for it.

    Putting a business nearly out of business via taxation is a TOTAL usurption of the power of taxation and the among the greatest threats to liberty!

    You don’t like tanning? Do go tanning! It’s that simple.

    ps- I don’t know what’s gotten into you lately. You’ve been niping the Kool Aid too much?!

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