Grandma the Foreclosure Fighter (and Bum)

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There is a 71 year old nightmare of a woman who has refused to make a mortgage payment since 1985 and has been successfully fighting foreclosure since then. She uses all kinds of barely there legal arguments, transfers to her daughter, and now bankruptcy.

I don’t know anything about this woman other than what is disclosed in the article. But I dislike her. She is akin to those who refuse to pay income taxes on various bogus grounds. If only there was a special debtor’s prison for when she eventually loses.

She is clearly a bum, the kind you wouldn’t want living in your neighborhood. Take a look at the photo in the article of the dump she lives in. All of the window openings are covered with plywood. The article also notes that her “pool” is crumbling and there is at least one junk vehicle in her driveway.

Her husband bought the house in 1978, married the bum in 1980 and then promptly died. She apparently never remarried. That’s no surprise -who would want her? In fact, I’d be double checking how hubby actually expired.

Here is a link to the “foreclosure from hell” article.


Hat tip to Punch Debt in the Face for alerting me to this.

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5 Responses to “Grandma the Foreclosure Fighter (and Bum)”
  1. MasterPo says:

    Reminds me of a neighbor my mother had for years. A bitter old woman. She didn’t make any payments to the utility companies for the last couple of years of her life. She openly said she sees no need to at her age and because of her age they can’t shut her off.

    Frankly her and the woman in the article – there are a LOT of people like that in the world. And much much younger one’s too. They know that legally these is little that can be done against them. Or, in many cases it just isn’t worth the fight.

    Hell of a way to live I suppose…

  2. kitty says:

    She reminds me of my friend’s former tenants at least in personality. They haven’t fortunately been quite as successful as they lack the savvy of this woman.

    They were paying rent kind of ok (and my friend was VERY nice with them even reduced the rent when they had problems) until my friend told them she’d not renew their lease – with about 2 months warning. My friend had no choice: she was renting out a co-op, and the co-op board refused to give permission to extend their lease. The board official line was “we have a (new) rule that only allows renting out for no more than 2 years”, but my friend strongly believed that had this family were better neighbors the board wouldn’t say it: a member of the board lived right under them and hated them.

    After my friend told them she’d not be renewing their lease, the family first asked my friend for the letter of reference for their new place, and after my friend gave it to them, they refused to move out AND stopped paying. They told “we don’t have a lease anymore so we don’t have to pay”. She even told the same thing to the judge during the eviction proceedings. The judge was stunned, he just looked down, but his brows went all the way up.

    They were ordered by the court to move out and pay my friend’s legal fees and the back rent – in installments as they didn’t have money to pay it all. They paid for the first couple of months, then stopped paying, but my friend figured that there is no point to go after them; she was just happy to had them out of the place, so she could sell it.

  3. Grace says:

    Obviously Patsy is gaming the system, and just as obviously, she’s in the wrong. But tell me that some small part of you isn’t laughing at all the trouble she’s causing for mortgage lenders who didn’t care who they hurt during the ‘go-go’ years.

  4. haha funny story, but amazing she’s been fighting this long over that dump. I know it’s home to her, but I also believe if she don’t pay, she should be kicked out regardless. If we did what she’s doing and tried to get out of making our payments, we would be kicked out, so I think she should be removed from the home.

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