Hard Truth Week in Review – Blame it on Business School Edition

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I am a frequent critic of MBA programs. There are too many of them and most don’t teach what our economy needs. (I also come down hard on lawyers, even though I am one.)

This week the retired boss of GM tossed in his own negative reviews of  business schools and how their graduates contributed to the downfall of the U.S. automotive industry. Former Chevy Volt Frontman Bob Lutz on GM’s Missteps. Amen Bob Lutz but let’s not forget to spread some blame to the unions.

You should also read the column by Peter Schiff about the race between the dollar and euro – to the bottom. I found his comments intriguing about why Obama lobbied so strongly in favor of the Greek bailout .

If you enjoy podcasts as a learning tool, the Clever Dude blog published an excellent list of personal finance podcasts that you can check out.

Peer pressure a/k/a “keeping up with the Jones” is a frequent cause of undisciplined spending.  The Money Crashers has some advice for fending off big spender friends.

On my Go To Retirement blog, I addressed the case against gold investing for retirement.

Finally, check out this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance.

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2 Responses to “Hard Truth Week in Review – Blame it on Business School Edition”
  1. MasterPo says:

    At one time an MBA meant a lot.

    Now it’s barely above TP IMO.

    That said, the reality is a great many companies won’t hire you w/o an MBA for many positions.

  2. YourFabLife says:

    In today’s world, having a MBA doesn’t mean much, except that companies want you to have one – but will often try to pay you less. I’ve been considering whether or not to go for one, and it’s difficult – I don’t want to obtain one, work my butt off for 4-6 years, only to be laid off becuase I am now too expensive, and unable to find another job becuase I’m “overqualified”.

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