Embracing the March Madness Work Distraction

March 18, 2010 by  
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Today the games of March Madness® begin. Millions of rabid fans will be putting aside work to stream CBS game broadcasts to their desktops. Evil employers will try to prevent or discourage this, perhaps through clever site blocking strategies. Lunch “hours” will be stretched. Scores will be checked and re-checked.

Everyone needs to get over it and accept the distraction at hand. 

Employers need to understand that to millions of college basketball fans, today is like a national holiday. Work is less important on a national holiday. Sorry.

Employees need to understand that employers don’t want to pay you to watch basketball. Duh.

So how does everyone get along and accept what will happen without shame or bitterness?

There are lots of options: (1) extend the workday to account for the distraction; (2) let people work later, earlier, or at home to make up for the lost time; (3) have a game watching party as a good-will generator; (4) use your imagination.

If you embrace the distraction issue and treat it as an opportunity rather than as a problem, everyone wins in the end.

Oh, and go Cornell Big Red!

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2 Responses to “Embracing the March Madness Work Distraction”
  1. Evan says:

    So what did your firm do?

  2. MasterPo says:

    Here’s a radical thought: Keep your mind on your work and don’t day dream!!

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