Please Send Sezmi to Save Me Money

February 20, 2010 by  
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Another competitor to the Comcast Cable monster has launched. If it works – I want it. The service is Sezmi and it has officially launched in Los Angeles with Best Buy as its retail partner. It claims to be a $20/month alternative to cable and satellite TV. This does not include the cost of broadband Internet, which you must have to use the Sezmi service. Also needed – a Sezmi DVR box to download and record your desired programs.

The concept is intriguing because I have been wanting to move to a more Internet based TV/video experience. Sezmi says it will be rolling its service out to other cities this Spring. It also appears that there will be many more “ala carte” pricing options compared to the bundling that cable and satellite do. Let’s hope so.

For more about the launch, read this. For more about Sezmi itself, visit the Sezmi site.

Your thoughts?

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2 Responses to “Please Send Sezmi to Save Me Money”
  1. MasterPo says:

    I have a Tivo and have NetFlix. I can stream video from NetFlix to my Tivo box via the net. ANd yes, I have a broadband service.

    But the quality is VERY POOR for most videos. The picture is grainy and audio clearly distored (sometimes painful to listen too).

    You just can’t pack all the data of a real DVD (muchless BluRay!) data stream into a broadband feed. :-(

  2. dwhite2762 says:

    Finally, I can agree with MasterPo! Use NetFlix and a Roku box (79.00). THere is no contract and I am saving 65.00 a month (75.00 for cable TV and only ~10.00 for netflix). I have very good reception on my roku box but I had to purchase antennaes for the digital signals in my area. I also had to make sure that I had greater than 1.2Mbs on the internet signal. I connected to the Roku with my wireless router. I like the options that Netflix has for documentaries and movies. If I want to watch cable news, I watch that on my computer.

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