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Mr. ToughMoneyLove is not big into the giveaway scene beyond giving away my version of the hard truth.  However, I do appreciate bloggers who provide value to their readers in short and to-the-point posts.  Bargain Babe is one of those.  So I’ve decided to help her celebrate her first blogoversary by promoting her giveaway.

Beginning January 25, Julia a/k/a Bargain Babe will be randomly giving away the following freebies to folks who subscribe to her email newsletter:

$100 Sephora card
$50 Amazon
$50 card
$25 Starbucks gift card (5 of them!)
$20 Dollar Tree gift card
$20 Target gift card
$15 Quiznos gift card (5 of them!)
$15 Save-a-Lot gift card
$10 Marie Callender’s gift card
5 Bargain Babe hot pink T-shirts

It would take a certain kind of reader to appreciate a hot pink T-shirt, but there must be something in that list for everyone.

To learn more about the giveaway, the newsletter, and Bargain Babe herself, read her anniversary giveaway post.

If you like bargains and generally saving money while spending it (a concept that can backfire in the wrong hands), you will probably enjoy Bargain Babe’s newsletter. If not, you can unsubscribe (she won’t spam you) and maybe win a freebie anyway. Isn’t that what true bargain hunters do?

Congratulations to Julia on her first year success.

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