California Scheming

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I’ve always liked the Mamas and Papas song “California Dreamin.” Someone should write a sequel: “California Scheming.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger is such an awful governor that it actually makes him look good as an actor in comparison. Since he and his fellow California politicians can’t do anything right when it comes to government finances, he’s looking to the rest of us to send money (via the federal government).

In a lame attempt to apply pressure on Washington, he’s suddenly changed his mind about Obamacare. Arnold – we don’t care what you think about Obamacare. You married into the Kennedy family so we know who is pushing your buttons.

I could rant on about the sorry leadership and serial budgetary mistakes made in California, but George Will has done a much better job than I could in this “Golden No Longer” column. It’s a must read for the open-minded taxpayer. If you don’t want to read the entire piece, read this:

The state, which between 1990 and 2007 lost 26 percent of its factory jobs and 35 percent of its high-tech manufacturing jobs, ranks behind only New York, another of liberalism’s laboratories, in the number of outward-bound moving vans.

and this:

The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees is one reason why California’s government employees — their numbers grew 24 percent between 1997 and 2007 — are the nation’s most highly compensated.

The federal government may send more of our dollars to California. The decision will depend on whether the party in power calculates that the net result of doing so will help it maintain that power. That’s part of Arnold’s scheming.

I still say evacuate the place, leaving the politicians behind and sending the illegals south. Then wait for the big earthquake to finish the wrecking  job that the politicians have started. All it would mean is adding another chapter to the history books: The Rise and Fall of the California Empire.

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15 Responses to “California Scheming”
  1. averagejoe says:

    We ain’t seen nothing yet. As more and more states reach record declines, nothing will shock me anymore as to how low our politicians and the current administration will stoop.

    Money, or the lack thereof, does strange things to people.

    Enjoy the show.

    Don’t think you’re so smug in Tennessee land. Projected for 2010 is a $1 billion shortfall, or over a 3% estimated deficit and rising. TN may be a tax exempt state for now, but their days are numbered also.

  2. Rick Beagle says:

    Funny, California has been a cash cow for America for years. Put a Rethug in charge, tank the whole state economy and then claim its a liberal problem? Got stupid?

    So does Tennessee add to our Federal coffers or is it another one of those welfare states? Those beacons of such fiscal purity for sure….

    And lest I go on a rampage again, let us not forget Bush’s first act as President, letting his good old friends at Enron rape the seventh largest economy right into the toilet. And what was the sick result of that fiasco? The current governor…..

    Rick Beagle

  3. MasterPo says:

    Bush let Enron rape the country so now SEIU, Acron and Obamacare deserve a fair chance too. Gotta love your logic Ricky.

    If the Feds bail out CA (and they will), then what?

    CA is something like $21 BILLION in the red. So the Feds print a bucket of money (’cause we surely don’t have that in the treasury!) and send it to the Governator.

    Now what?

    So CA’s budget is covered for 2010. What about 2011? 2012? 2013? (presuming we survive 2012 😉 )

    Even if it’s a just a gift from Obama to CA (no repayment) what’s the plan to get back into the black for 2011? or 2012? or later?

    *Can* CA (or NY or others) even hope to get back into the black?!

    Buy gold my friends. Buy lots of it.

    • Rick Beagle says:

      “Bush let Enron rape the country so now SEIU, Acron and Obamacare deserve a fair chance too. Gotta love your logic Ricky.”

      Okay, I will bite, what piece of imagination are you talking about? SEIU? Acorn? Obamacare? You think my logic is nonsensical? Wow MasterPo, you are completely deranged.

      As for the budget in CA going forward, bet you bragging rights it won’t be a Republican driving from the Governor’s mansion.

      Mr. ToughMoneyLove,
      California is in a tough spot, and I agree that they need to account for some of their fiscal decisions. However, many of our states have been propped up by the Federal government for years, and I find is revolting that sites like yours fail to mention their continuing fiscal errors, let alone hold them accountable for their poor efforts. I understand that it is fun to berate those bastions of liberalism, but honestly, money fools are not all liberals….

      Rick Beagle


  4. TMN says:

    As opposed to the South, which has been a net drain on federal funds for decades? Come on man, this is beyond weak.

  5. TMN: You repeatedly defend the fiscal mismanagement of California with that same nonsensical argument. Since when has the federal budget (also a joke) been designed to send back to the states everything that the state sends to the feds? If that is the formula, let’s cancel all federal taxes and keep everything at home. Please come up with some defense that has even 1% merit, if you have one.

  6. TMN says:

    I’m not defending fiscal mismanagement. There are some downright stupid things in most areas of all state and federal budgets. But you take every opportunity to bitch about “liberal” fiscal failure on the west coast and NY, while ignoring the fact that those 4 states happen to be in the top 14 in terms of federal money drain, along with mostly northern states, while the south has a net surplus from federal spending when compared to taxation.

    The simple fact is that the “liberal” states are paying for the entire gd country, while the south sits back and complains about government interference while pulling in a 50% yearly return or more on their federal tax burden.

    You said, “California is looking to the rest of us to send money” with the implication that they’re just “liberal freeloaders”. Well, they’ve been leaking 25% of their Federal tax to the South for decades, because those states are chronically broken. And now that they have what is in all likelihood a temporary problem, in the middle of a massive worldwide financial crisis, you’re here sniping about them wanting a little positive return for a change. It’s absolutely inane; you’re using 5% of the available data to claim proof of a pattern that’s the opposite of reality.

    • MasterPo says:

      Maybe they are in the “top 14 in terms of federal money drain” *because* they are among the most liberal in every sense – policy and finance, like being the most generous with social services (welfare, food stamps, schools, housing, counciling etc) to anyone who just sets toe in the state!

      Watch this video (about 9 min) for a better idea of the problem:

      • TMN says:

        I don’t think you understand the premise. I’m saying the most liberal states are demonstrably (just read the link) receiving LESS federal money than leaves in federal income taxes, while the conservative states are receiving greater than 100% of their federal income taxes worth of federal spending. The drain is FROM the liberal states TO the conservative states.

        My own assumption as to why is that the conservative states are poorer, partly due to conservative policies, as well as being less willing to spend on necessary social programs for themselves. However, I don’t have direct data to back that up.

  7. MasterPo says:

    Hey Ricky,

    How many people you know were enticed by Enron to buy houses waaaaaay over their heads for no money down?

    According to a 9/30/04 article in the Washington Post ( the timeline of Enrons problems started in September of 2000 (*before* Bush was President!!) and really hit the fan in 2004.

    Today is 2009 going on 2010. A bit of a stretch going back to one company (not even a bank!) 5-10 years ago for today’s woes.

    Can some liberal somewhere *please* set a deadline for when the problems of life are no long George Bush’s fault?!

    • Rick Beagle says:


      George Bush really was that bad.

      Is there a point where fiscal (ha!) conservatives own up to the mismanagement of their “Good old Boy” and start helping in the trenches? Hmm, let me think… no.

      As for Enron’s wholesale rape of the California market, you are fooling yourself if you believe for a second that did not happen on Bush’s watch. The Federal regulators were told to stay out of it by the WH despite pleading from the governor of that state. Explain to me what kind of financial impact rolling blackouts and 1000% increase in power costs have on small businesses? Then follow up that absurdity by putting a buffoon in office, and tell me what the likely outcome will be? George used his power to effect a change in leadership in California (D–>R), and guess what, they rode that state into the ground.

      Same kind of thing worked in Louisiana too, but that involved a natural disaster and letting people die. And what’s that I heard Boss Rush say? Trying to use the terrible deaths in Haiti to take a swipe at the President…. Come on, check your heart, you can’t think this is right or good for America?

      Now the same people who wrecked a cash cow are pointing to the problems and bemoaning the fiscal insanity of those liberals?! The fact that many of these folks are sitting in perpetual welfare states that have been propped up for years by the taxpayers in CA and NY just adds a cherry to that complete and utter pile of fiscal horse manure.

      As for your link about Enron, feel free to keep trying to push the latest rewrite of history… lotsa luck with the morons at the convention.

      Rick Beagle

      • MasterPo says:

        “Same kind of thing worked in Louisiana too, but that involved a natural disaster and letting people die.”

        Yea. Well, if that’s the only way you can get through your nights thinking that…

        But don’t fret Ricky. I’m sure Obamacare has a very generous psychological therapy benefit you can use. Bring print outs of all these posts to help your therapist better understand your POV.

        • Rick Beagle says:

          Dear Therapo….

          Let me see… while I was listening to your favorite shows on Fox it seems as if I will be just fine under Obamacare. You on the other hand will be forced into a death camp while we mug your life savings, and give it to the needy. Of course that isn’t true, but those big old goofs at Fox seem to have zero problems morally touting these obvious lies. They are so funny… just a bunch of knee slapping good old boys and girls.

          The problem with them, and the drivel that you keep presenting as your opinion – it is all from the same source. That’s right, Fox is in league with the devil! And should rough times beset them – or you – you can count on us to bemoan your stupidity for all to see, and hope we make a buck or two off of it.

          We are conservatives, we try to make a buck off of other peoples neurosis, insecurities, and tragedies. Oh wait, I’m not a conservative; which explains why I can see myself in a mirror…. It might have been the second helping at Christmas, but that is far too much information.

          Rick Beagle

  8. MasterPo says:

    TMN – That’s doesn’t make sense as the very nature of being “conservative” would mean as minimal government programs and spending as possible. So how can “conservative” states be receiving in more than they pay out?

    Liberal states like CA *count* on more money from the fed to finance all the give away programs for all.

  9. cjbr549 says:

    So all this is Arnolds fault, eh? That the mainly democrat controled state (not just the legislature, mind you) can’t cut spending is no surprise. Powerfull unions including teachers, caltrans and others pull the strings in Sacramento, as well as other interest groups that have long had a gravy train in CA. That Arnold is trying to get some of this cut out is amazing in itself, and that he suceeded in the last budget row of getting even some without a raise in taxes is a near miracle. No, Arnolds not the problem. He may not be the greatest governor in CA history, and it’s sometimes hard to tell he’s even a republican, but he’s held the line on taxes. And that’s saying something in a state that’s in the top 5 or so for taxation. He’s still way better than Gray Davis.

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