Giving Thanks for Non-Binding Agreements

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Mr. ToughMoneyLove had long ago surrendered hope that government could be trusted with our money. I still believed that science was a bedrock on which we could build some aspects of economic policy (excluding of course the dismal science of economics itself). Now I wonder.

Generally I would ignore all the hot air about climate change even though its number one cheerleader is our buffoon from Tennessee, Al Gore. But now Hillary and B.O. are making noise about sending billions to third-world cesspools to help them with their carbon dioxide “problems.” (Should we send them WMDs to eradicate the CO2-belching cows and sheep?) So far we have escaped the worst because the recent super-colossal climate change conference fortunately ended in an “agreement” that is non-binding. (In the legal field, we have a technical term for non-binding agreements: BS)

Meanwhile, back to the scientists. I used to like scientists. Not so much anymore. It started when we employed several Ph.D. scientists as lawyers in our firm. None of them lasted. They were really smart –  at least about one or two things. The problem is they weren’t so good at completing projects. They didn’t really grasp the concept of completing a project. They mostly liked to talk about the project. Clients didn’t appreciate that.

The Ph.D. scientists also didn’t like you to disagree with them. I found this particularly to be the case with the academic scientists I worked with as inventors. More arrogance.

Now we learn that climate change scientists – those who have agitated the politicians in ways that will cost us money – really don’t like to be disagreed with. So they have actively worked to suppress publication of information from scientists who disagree with them. This disturbs me. It should disturb the politicians. But they don’t seem to care. The climate-change, CO2-is-a-pollutant, cap-and-trade, billions-to-the-third-world train has left the station. Hillary and B.O. don’t want to stop it or even slow it down.

So grab your wallets folks. The scientists are not to be trusted. If one of these goofy climate change conventions ever produces a “binding” agreement, it’s gonna cost you.

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3 Responses to “Giving Thanks for Non-Binding Agreements”
  1. PW says:

    So we borrow money from China to pay our pollution taxes back to China, am I missing something here regarding common sense?

  2. Rick Beagle says:

    The world is flat too….

    -Rick Beagle

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