Another Reason to Dislike Pittsburgh

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If you are from one of those cities that dislikes Pittsburgh (any other NFL city, for example), or if you just don’t like rust-belt union cities trying desperately to remake themselves, here is another reason to stay away from Pittsburgh.

The city is planning to tax college tuition. Put another way, the genius politicians in Pittsburgh want to add to the future misery of  financially clueless college students who are already borrowing their way through four years of partying.

And what will this tuition tax be used for? To pay for the retirements of city employees!

As a parent, that tax would be more than enough to tell my kids this: If you want to attend college in Pittsburgh, you are 100% on your own.

I don’t believe that college students – even those using borrowed money – should be called-upon to prop up failing municipal economies.

Governments are notorious for hemorrhaging money toward retirees with little thought to the consequences. Maybe Pittsburgh can reform itself in that department.

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8 Responses to “Another Reason to Dislike Pittsburgh”
  1. PW says:

    I am absolutely convinced, after listening minimally to the bantering of the politicans regarding the proposed healthcare plans, then this, that all politicians are either flat out stupid or living a fantasy world far out of reality, or have such a good health plan (they do) that they are all on drugs. I have never ever seen anything so stupid, as to tax college tuition. Honestly what is happening? Doesn’t seem like any of them have even a lick of common sense any more? And they are running our country, our states, yikes? It seems as if as soon as they get in office like some alien from outer space takes over their bodies and minds. This cannot be for real!!

  2. Rick Beagle says:

    A revenue stream from people too drunk to know the difference? What’s not to love about that idea? Better yet, put a five percent tax on beer purchased by people between the ages of 21-25! A cash cow for sure!

    Private companies have been abusing college students for years, why shouldn’t the government get a piece of that action?

    And here is the real beauty of that proposal (scheme), once municipalities get used to that revenue stream, you can kiss any sort of reform good bye. Guarantee the people behind this proposal are directly linked to that business.

    Go go free market!

    Rick Beagle

  3. Evan says:

    Holy Sh!t – Leave private colleges out of it. Want to make it fair, Charge the city colleges more!

  4. Kacie says:

    I’m a Pittsburgh resident and have been for about 2.5 years. This city is actually a pretty great place to live, but the taxes here are absurd.

    The mayor is really pushing for this tuition tax to pass, and it isn’t going over well. I hope it doesn’t pass.

    I live in the burbs about 20 minutes from downtown if the traffic is light. The property taxes in the whole county are ABSURD. We’re talking 30-40 millage rates, depending on the municipality.

    The property assessment system as it stands is being challenged in the state supreme court.

    I can’t afford to buy a house here, largely because the taxes are outrageous.

    There’s a $52 annual (soon to be tripled) tax for people who don’t live within the city of Pittsburgh, but who work in the city.

    There’s a wage tax that varies depending on your municipality. For us, it’s 1.4% of our gross earnings.

    Since alcoholic beverages are sold by state-owned distributor’s, the tax is pretty hefty. It’s high in bars too, I’ve heard.

    There’s no sales tax on clothing in Pennsylvania. Maybe they could tax clothes to provide some relief in other areas.

    Oh, and don’t forget that Pennsylvania residents must have their vehicle pass certain safety/emissions inspections each year. Total scam.

    So yeah — the taxes are crazy here. If the taxes were reasonable, it would be much easier to stay here long term.

  5. Steve says:

    Hate is a bit harsh don’t you think? Sure we have five Super Bowls and people love to hate the best, but I doubt we are the only city with dumb and greedy politicians.

    Reasons to love Pittsburgh:
    Cost of living is very low aside from some areas having high taxes
    Home prices have not lost any value
    Steelers, Penguins
    Great colleges like Carnegie Mellon
    Easy to find a job
    Bike trails and waterfront walking
    The best view/skyline from Mt Washington
    World class Mueseums
    The Theatre Dsitrict
    Very clean
    The Nightlfe – South Side, Station Square, Shadyside, The Strip, Northshore
    The friendly people

    Pittsburghers have much pride in their city and it shows.


  6. cjbr549 says:

    Well, that should effectively discourage some from going to college there.

  7. MasterPo says:

    This is only the perverbial tip-of-the-iceberg.

    Once Pitt does it places like NYC, LA, Boston, Miami, etc etc etc – basically ALL cities (maybe states too!) – will do it.

    Don’t forget it was former NYC Mayor Dinkens who wanted to impose NYC Income Tax on graduates from NYC based colleges/universities regardless of where they worked after graduation.

    ps- My mother attended CMU. I attended CMU. I had hoped my children would attend CMU, but no maybe not. :-(

  8. Well I’m glad I got college done and over with so now the only retirement I have to pay for is social security!

    I’m also a tad upset since Pittsburgh beat my beloved Green Bay Packers this Sunday :(

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