Hard Truth Week in Review – Bad Knee Edition

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It’s been a little quiet here at ToughMoneyLove. I had some outpatient surgery on my knee last Friday and have been groggy since then from the pain medication.

I have to give credit to the outpatient surgery center for how it runs its business. It determined to the penny how much of my visit would be covered by insurance. It required me to write a check for the balance before I could be admitted.

A nurse told me while I was being prepped that Friday had been extremely busy. Lots of folks were anxious to get their procedures done before the end of the year.  The nurse also said that the center needed that year-end rush because the rest of the year had been slow. That makes sense, as frugalism enters the world of elective surgery.

We did manage to make semi-frugal purchase of our own. Mrs. ToughMoneyLove decided to buy a joint Christmas gift this year, a plasma TV for our lake house. There is nothing frugal about a plasma TV but if you think about it, there is nothing frugal about gift-giving in general. Choosing a joint gift improves the economic efficiency of the gift-giving process.

Anyway, our oldest son works in the home theater/home automation business helped us select the TV. I  searched online for a deal on that particular model. The best sales price I found was at Sears, of all places. They had a deal that was about to expire. As I prepared to make the purchase online for store pick-up, our son pointed out that if I went to the Sears site through the Bing search engine, I could save 7% on the purchase.

I don’t know how I overlooked the Bing cashback shopping program but it is offering some great discounts at some well-known online retailers.

Some other reading from world of personal finance you might enjoy:

A guest poster at Frugal Dad explains his journey toward credit card freedom. There will probably be a lot of comments about how people are saving so much money or earning “rewards” from use of their cards. These folks are blind to the concept that the retailers end up paying for the rewards and we all end up with higher prices.

If you are a last minute shopper as I tend to be, pay attention to Consumer Reports prediction of another “free shipping”  shopping day on December 17.

That is all I have for now – time for me to hop around a bit on this repaired knee.

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3 Responses to “Hard Truth Week in Review – Bad Knee Edition”
  1. PW says:

    Great story. Two years ago we had 2 old TV’s die at the same time. Not that we watch much TV. Sears had a deal whereby you put the TV on their credit card (I had one but never use it) and you had 12 months same as cash 0% interest. We got a nice 42″ LCD flatscreen for around $800 (big sale) that we paid off monthly with no interest. We kept our $ in the bank earning interest, used Other People’s Money to buy the TV. Paid it off exactly 1 week before due and that is how I like to shop–well, actually I don’t like to shop and it killed me to buy a TV that we rarely watch. Didn’t know about the Bing deals, will check them out. Not buying much these days though.

  2. Gail says:

    Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  3. TMN says:

    Watch out for Bing Cashback… some retailers end up jacking up the price so even with “x% off” you end up paying more than you would without cookies from Bing in your browser.

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