Resisting Black Friday Temptation

November 14, 2009 by  
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My posting has been scaled back this week, as I am in Atlanta visiting with a couple of great friends from high school (Class of 1969, thank-you very much). I did want to briefly mention a consumer temptation phenomenon that seems to have accelerated this year.

Desperate retailers are not waiting for “Black Friday” to offer Black Friday-style sales events. They are eagerly fighting for every dollar (or remaining credit card limit) that can be extracted from us.

Resist, my friends.

It is not your responsibility to keep retailers profitable or even in business. Retailers must adapt just as we must adapt our spending and saving habits to conform to current economic times.

Thanksgiving and Christmas will still happen without your previous levels of shopping dedication. You may (and should) enjoy the holidays even more with greater focus on experiences and less on acquisition and distribution of stuff.

There is actually science behind what I just wrote.  Using your money for experiences brings more happiness than the temporary high from shopping.

That’s precisely why I am in Atlanta with old friends.

Enjoy your weekend.

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3 Responses to “Resisting Black Friday Temptation”
  1. kitty says:

    Why is it such a temptation? If you go shopping on Black Friday, you
    – you fight the crowds, risk getting trumpled. Small risk, I know, but still risk
    – spend a lot of time in line
    – risk getting a flu, including H1N1 flu
    – you park your car in a crowded mall, where someone could hit it

    Yes, you may save some money. But if you really need to buy something, chances are you can find the same thing online and at a better deal around the same time.

    I’ve never understood the attraction. Granted, I don’t like shopping as an experience. But still, even if you need something, are the savings really worth the time and effort?

  2. cjbr549 says:

    I hate even going to the store from Thanksgiving to about New Years. Parking is bad, the crowds are bad and people are just plain rude. For the last few years we stock up on essentials before Thanksgiving and do our Christmas shopping online, just so we can avoid the stores. Greenery stores aren’t too bad, but everything else is a madhouse to be avoided.

  3. David says:

    I have never participated in Black Friday shopping. What few gifts I get for a couple of friends are purchased online. Many of the big-box stores locally have special Black Friday early opening sales at 5:00 am or even earlier, and people camp out to be first in line. Such nonsense! Count me out.

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