Hard Truth Week in Review – No More Jerks Edition

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This past two weeks has been all about high profile jerks in our culture. I’m tired of them as you know doubt are.

I’m also begging the media to stop putting microphones in front of Jimmy Carter. I hope he’s so old he doesn’t know what he is saying but either way, we need to stop listening. We have real money problems in this country, starting with our so-called friends in Washington. I lived and worked through the Carter presidency. Take my word for it:  He was and is 100% incompetent in matters of economic policy.

Time to share a few things I read recently that you might find interesting:

Penny Jobs takes on Michael Moore and other anti-capitalists in our society with an explanation of why the rich get richer.

Kyle at Amateur Asset Allocator has a nice back to basics summary of how to invest in a low return environment.

Dan Zerbe at Forbes digs deep into the Baucus health care bill and finds – surprise – new taxes disguised as fees.

Looking at the deficit side of the Baucus bill, the Baseline Scenario blog exposes some voodoo cost savings.

PT Money muses on an issue that bothers Mr. ToughMoneyLove regularly: the high cost of TV watching. Something has to give.

Finally, check out this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance.

Enjoy the weekend.

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3 Responses to “Hard Truth Week in Review – No More Jerks Edition”
  1. PT says:

    Great round up, TML. Thanks for including me as well.

  2. Rick Beagle says:


    Actually Carter was absolutely right on handle the economic crisis of his day.

    The fact that you think he was the idiot and Reagan was the savior shows how incompetent your views on the economy are. Carter wanted to correct the underlying problems with our economy by taking down a fairly difficult lifestyle altering path, but you and your ilk chose Reagan and his deficit spending free for all (enter the official creation of debt spending Americans).

    It is ironic how you would besmirch the President that embodied the theme of this blog…. And let’s not forget that former President Carter went on to GREATER things after his term in office, and is considered on the world stage as one of the greatest Americans ever born. Of course, our right wing still choses to use him as a whipping boy….

    Whatever, you keep hugging the memory of Reagan, Cheney and the Bush(es). I love hearing from Carter, he generally speaks intelligently and thoughtfully on issues. You may not agree with his opinions, but considering the alternatives, it is nice to hear someone who actually has a few brain cells working.

    Rick Beagle

  3. Curt says:

    Thanks for the dig on my article. I completely agree with you, Jimmy Carter should not be making news. He is out of touch and out of his mind.

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