Unemployment Banned in District of Columbia?

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To be honest, Mr. ToughMoneyLove hasn’t fully made up his mind about all aspects of Obama Care. One thing for sure that I don’t like is the way that the plan will explode the federal health care bureaucracy.

I suppose you could call it the District of Columbia Full Employment Act.

This is how the Republican opposition graphically portrays what will happen if the plan is enacted in its present form:


Just for laughs, let’s highlight some of the new czars, boards, commissions, and task forces that will likely emerge from this attempt at reform:

A new “Health Choices Commissioner” would head a new “Health Choices Administration.” This would be separate from the now existing Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the Veterans Health Administration, and the Indian Health Service. What do those guys know about health care anyway?

There would be a “Public Health Investment Fund” and a “Health Insurance Exchange Trust Fund.” Naturally, the politicians would be appointing their friends and family to run these “funds.”

Moving on, a new “Bureau of Health Information” would be born. Apparently, the already existing National Center for Health Statistics isn’t doing its job.  This new Bureau needs a new bureaucrat, the  “Assistant Secretary for Health Information.” This person would  work with the  “National Coordinator for Health Information Technology”, a recent creature of the stimulus plan. Let’s not forget that this new Bureau would get its own personal ” Office of Civil Rights” and “Office of Minority Health.”

Need a job?  How about “Senior Advisor for Health Care Fraud” and “Senior Counsel for Health Care Fraud Enforcement?” These are new positions created by the plan. So what if we already pay for a federal “Health Care Fraud and Abuse Control Program?” Those guys are so old school and certainly can’t be expected to control the new-fangled fraud that’s coming.

I haven’t mentioned any “councils” yet. Any health care bureaucracy that’s worth anything needs at least one of those. Not to worry – Obama Care has the “Health Care Program Integrity Coordinating Council.”  I’m guessing that’s to make sure that the right friends get the right jobs. If not, the proposed new “National Health Care Workforce Commission” can handle it.

I’m sure I’ve left a few out. No offense intended to those future bureaucrats.

Can you image trying to identify the person within this maze that you will need to call to get a medical bill paid?

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7 Responses to “Unemployment Banned in District of Columbia?”
  1. TMN says:

    I can’t believe you’re taking that moronic piece of propaganda seriously.

  2. Roger says:

    Interesting chart. Although, to be fair, we should probably chart out all the committees, sub-committees, insurance adjusters, actuaries, hospitals, lawyers, accountants, executives, random hospital employees and occasional doctor who are involved in the average private insurance plan. I’m betting that chart would require a comparable amount of boxes.

  3. lowmagnet says:

    You’d also have to multiply that chart by however many thousand health insurance companies are active in the country, then remember they can’t go over state lines. Oops, time to add all the offices of state commissioners of insurance, etc.

    That chart is far less complicated than the current reality.

  4. MasterPo says:


    Can you give me an example of *any* large government agency or program that has ever run effectively or cost efficiently?

    Every hear of:

    Social Security
    Student Loan program
    Farmers Loan program
    Vet Admin
    Postal Service

    Just show me one that has ever be efficient and cost effective then you can dismiss the graph.

  5. lurker carl says:

    National Railroad Passenger Corporation. It’s a 40 year preview for every nationalized industry. Be careful of what you wish for, it may come true.

  6. TMN says:

    The efficiency of existing agencies (which I’m not admitting or denying) has nothing to do with the fact that the graph above is purposely laid out to be as confusing as possible. Aside from the fact that the bill isn’t even DONE yet (so how can he know all these organizations will necessarily exist), he’s obviously chosen as many different colors, shapes, text and arrow styles as possible to make it look more confusing, and he’s obviously laid things out in order to make the “path” through it zigzag back and forth across the chart as much as possible.

    If the system is really that confusing, he shouldn’t need to resort to designing the chart like a colorblind sixth grader to make his point.

  7. MasterPo says:

    My point being that *no* gov agency or program has ever (or could ever) be effective or efficient. So plan completed or not it’s doomed from the start to be a looser.

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