The Vacation Wind Down – No Cell Phone Edition

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It is early Sunday morning and the last full day of this vacation. I intend to enjoy it but at the same time I can’t help but consider the transition (shock?) of returning to a regular work schedule. (I did work remotely earlier in the week).

As you get older, you seem to look at the work-vacation-work transitions a little differently, as if they were tests of what it would be like to extend or shorten the intervals in between. Or end them altogether.

Also, when you are privileged to participate in multi-generational family vacations (as this one is), you gain even more perspective about work-life balance and retirement.

We are here with three generations of family, one older and one younger than me. I enjoy observing and listening to other family members as they discuss life and life plans and what to do about recovering from recent economic events.

Last night’s discussion included real estate investing and gold. I have no real experience in either of those areas, except as a homeowner and indirect owner of gold through a couple of mutual funds. I am becoming convinced that the old rules of how to allocate and invest for the long term have changed and the books on how best to do it are yet to be written.

Ironically, I was reading Dave Barry’s book “Money Secrets” during our conversations and had to laugh out loud several times at his commentary. When he wrote that the best rule to follow for making money in the stock market was to research historical performance then get in a time machine, who could argue?

One random event that occurred this week was the loss of my cell phone. I didn’t actually lose it. I stupidly placed it in a puddle of water down at the dock. For the past four days, it has not functioned. The first day, I was in severe withdrawal. After that, it actually felt good. I was more relaxed knowing that I did not have to worry about where it was and who might be calling or emailing me. That surprised me. These feelings of freedom will require further investigation because there is money at stake as well, in the form of recurring monthly charges. Maybe I need to change my entire mindset about being a walking voice and data communications center. I’m curious if any readers have gone through this?

Family members are beginning to stir about the house. Time for me to join in. Before I do, here is a reminder to check out this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance. My submission was selected as an “editor’s choice” for which I am very appreciative.

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