Getting Even with the Economic Bad Guys

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economic_revengeTo me, one of the most frustrating aspects of the economic crash we are experiencing is our inability to identify and/or to extract revenge from those who caused it. The desire for revenge is very human but mostly unproductive. Yet I find myself periodically looking for evidence that at least some of the true culprits in our economic collapse are being punished for it. Hey – Mr. ToughMoneyLove is human too!

One of the problems in getting even with the economic bad guys is that the collapse was so systemic in nature, fueled by greed and negligence at so many levels. One of those levels is us – the consumer. You could argue that even though we are all being punished financially, at least those who perhaps carried the most greed and were the most negligent are included in that collective punishment. That is some consolation, is it not?

Well that’s not good enough for me. I want a form of revenge that goes above and beyond what is happening to all of us.

So I was happy to read two articles this week that gave me hope that at least some of the baddest guys on the economic planet are getting theirs. I thought “maybe I have readers who are also revenge-seekers.” So I am sharing these tidbits with you, in hopes that it will brighten your day as it has mine.

First up is Richard Scrushy. This arrogant, greedy SOB has been throwing his money and influence around the south for a good while. He acquired (I won’t say earned) a lot of that money from running and then ruining a company called HealthSouth. (Full disclosure: I used to own HealthSouth stock through an investment partnership.) ┬áHe was acquitted of criminal charges in his fraud (indirectly playing the race card to the jury) but was subsequently convicted of bribery. He is now serving time. I was happy to learn yesterday that he has also been ordered in a civil case to pay $2.9 billion to HealthSouth shareholders. He doesn’t have it of course but I hope that the plaintiffs can suck it out of his family members who do. Scrushy was not a direct contributor to our current economic problems but he represents the attitude of many others who were. Take that Scrushy.

An even more fun read was about the shunning of Ruth Madoff. The wife of Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff is now the “loneliest woman in New York” and I am loving reading about it. There is no question in the minds of many that Ruth – a director in Bernie’s “business” – knew exactly what was going on. To this day she has neither expressed sympathy for the victims nor denied knowing that they were being victimized. Now even her hairdresser won’t touch her. Ruth is married to one of the bad guys and I believe is a bad guy herself. So take that Ruth.

I hope that these little “getting even” stories set you up for a nice weekend. If you have your own stories of revenge, please share them in a comment.

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2 Responses to “Getting Even with the Economic Bad Guys”
  1. My Journey says:


    Check out the article from Time magazine:,28804,1877351_1877350,00.html

    I am sure that will get you heated

  2. MasterPo says:

    Where is your anger and thirst for revenge on Barnie Frank? Nancy Pelosi? Chris Dodd?

    And let’s not for get *Senator* Obama??

    Funny how you and I can get arrested for this kind of stuff but they always seem to get a free pass.

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