Free Summer Movies and Equity Indexed Annuities

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Free movies and equity indexed annuities? That’s admittedly a strange combination. So be it.

The frugal side of Mr. ToughMoneyLove is briefly emerging again today. I like free stuff just as much as the rest of you, as long as I don’t have to embarrass or inconvenience myself trying to get it. Today’s tip appears to be embarrassment-free. You just need the ability to enjoy a G-rated movie in the company of a gazillion other kids and their parents. Been there, done that.

This frugal tip won’t help me but it may benefit those of you with younger children. Regal Cinemas is once again offering the Free Family Film Festival. Every Tuesday and Wednesday for nine summer weeks, kids and parents can see a 10:00 AM movie at participating Regal theaters. It’s first come, first served and free for everyone. (I’m guessing the concessions are full-priced however so feed ’em good at home before you leave.) You can find locations and film titles for the free film festival here. Cut a deal with your neighbor to alternate dragging the kids there. That’s what I would do to buy myself a little peace and quiet.

Now for those of you have more adult-oriented money interests, you may be aware that equity indexed annuities have saved or made their owners a lot of money in 2008 and 2009 compared to more conventional investments. My banker used to push these products on me regularly but finally gave up after the skeptic in me asked too many questions.

I published an article today on the risks, benefits, and problems with equity indexed annuities. You might be interested in that topic, particularly if you think that the market will remain volatile. That’s when an EIA product can shine, even in spite of the expenses and complexities associated with annuity products. Just study up before diving in.

Enjoy the movies (but don’t look for me there.)

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One Response to “Free Summer Movies and Equity Indexed Annuities”
  1. I like a fixed annuity as I am not subject to the rise and fall of the market, anyone who took an index linked annuity is suffering from significantly reduced cashflow at the moment. A fixed annuity would still be providing you with the same amount of money but increased spending/ buying power. Whoever wrote the annuity is carrying your risk.

    There is a risk of inflation with a fixed annuity but if you invest in a foreign currency the devaluation of the dollar will more than overcome this.

    Jonathan Rose Company, LLC provides a product very similar to an annuity but without the costs

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