Hard Truth Week in Review – Cap and Trade Edition

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My oldest son and I spent most of the weekend at the lake, performing some maintenance tasks and relaxing while contemplating the world’s energy problems. He takes after his old man – and then some – in his interest and understanding of technology.

He and I agree on an essential point: We must radically and immediately reduce our dependence on oil, with the fervor and intensity dedicated to the “let’s put an American on the moon” ambitions of the 1960’s. We recognize how the U.S. car companies have repeatedly over the years – and sometimes deliberately – failed to make a serious effort to commercialize alternative energy vehicles. They tease us with concept cars to create an appearance of trying, then – nothing. For GM and Chrysler it’s now too little, too late.

We also recognize that our electrical grid and generating capacity are not prepared for millions of electric vehicles. The best solution for that problem is more nuclear power, but the same folks who want to bring us cap and trade to reduce coal burning also are nuclear haters. That doesn’t leave us a lot of practical or affordable options.

That causes me to call your attention to some “cap and trade” readings that you might find to be of interest.

I will start with Penny Jobs’ take on how the proposed cap and trade plan will cost jobs and increase taxes for all of us. Every time Al Gore sticks his nose into the climate change business, I feel compelled to remind folks that he is from my state of Tennessee but Tennessee voters do not support him. That should tell you something.

The Big Money has a brief discussion (and some related links) of the EU experience with cap and trade which has exposed some flaws affecting costs in unintended ways.

Speaking of Europe, many of those countries do a much better job of using nuclear power than we do. For example, France generates 75% of its electricity from nuclear, compared to our measly 20%. We are victims of an unscientific and illogical aversion to nuclear power generation. Maybe the coal industry lobbyists have something to do with that.

Finally, NPR takes a look at the “musical chairs” aspect of the cap and trade features of the pending climate change bill. Even this bastion of liberal reporting realizes that energy costs for most of us are almost certain to increase from cap and trade implementation.

While you are in the reading mood, don’t forget this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance.

Enjoy the rest of your week-end.

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4 Responses to “Hard Truth Week in Review – Cap and Trade Edition”
  1. FV says:

    “Every time Al Gore sticks his nose into the climate change business, I feel compelled to remind folks that he is from my state of Tennessee but Tennessee voters do not support him”

    Really? That tells us a lot about the Tennessee voters… Last time I looked there were not a lot of scientists disagreeing about the facts of climate change. Maybe I should be tuning more often into that bastion of fair and balanced news, Fox News?

    • FV – There is a big bandwagon being pulled by academic scientists who are calling the end of the world due to “climate change.” There are other scientists – the kind who don’t make their living writing articles for each other – who are not on that bandwagon. Gore is as far away from being a scientist as you can get. Nothing he says carries any weight with me or most other Tennesseans who are tired of listening to his crap.

  2. FV says:

    Mr TML,
    Some of these scientists “not on the bandwagon” have their work “sponsored” by oil companies and, therefore, their “scientific” conclusions reflect that. (And yes, I can name names, if you want).

    When I am shown that the majority of real scientists doubt global warming I will believe it. What does it take for you to change your mind?

    Just because the Tennessee voters do not believe in global warming (because Al Gore says it happens) does not mean global warming is a myth. You happen to make a fallacious argument (appeal to popularity). If the majority of the voters of Tennessee believe the world is flat do you also believe it? (And let’s remember that only a few centuries back when the overwhelming majority of the people believed that)

    • Let’s assume that scientific genius Al Gore is 100% correct on global warming being man made and correctable. He then needs to take his bitching and whining to China and India. Their pollution and green house emission trends are far worse than ours. If they don’t do anything to control their output (and they have shown no interest in doing so), whatever we sacrifice will be meaningless and therefore pointless.

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