Why You Should Purchase a GM Vehicle Now

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After careful analysis, Mr. ToughMoneyLove has concluded that everyone who can qualify for a loan should purchase a General Motors vehicle as soon as possible. These are my reasons:

1. GM is now being run by a White House central planning committee. Just imagine all of the creative designs that will flow from such a government enterprise! Remember all of those fantastic Soviet vehicles designed by the Politburo?

2. GM warranty work will be provided by our federal government. Peace of mind – guaranteed – by Democrat and Republican Goodwrenches and Goodwenches.

3. GM assembly lines are staffed by union workers who are so happy and content with current conditions that build quality is assured. No soda cans rattling around inside your door panels!

4. We must sacrifice our retirements for those GM workers who retired before us, after having so ably led GM to the promised land.

5. When Chevy says it’s “Like a Rock”, it really means it. That sinking feeling is overwhelming.

6. And if none of the foregoing motivates you: Remember Pearl Harbor!

Oh, and enjoy this first day of April.

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3 Responses to “Why You Should Purchase a GM Vehicle Now”
  1. HomeFree says:

    I thought you had caught “spring fever”!

  2. My Journey says:

    Your synicism always makes me laugh!

    Don’t forget #7
    Watching that mess of a representive, Barney Frank, slobbering all over your tranny

  3. Rick Beagle says:

    You know, there is something wrong in the world when I actually agree to your underlying message about GM on April Fool’s Day. Having purchased five of their cars over my lifetime out of a desire to support American businesses and working families (yeah, I admit it, I drunk deeply from the buy American propaganda well) only to receive vehicles mostly made in other countries that don’t even come close to being “quality automobiles”, I say … I am too much of a gentleman to say it. Goodbye GM.

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