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Please  take 15 seconds to vote online for one of my older posts.

The Free Money Finance blog is running a “March Madness” competition where different PF bloggers submit a favorite post that is matched up against others. Readers are asked to vote on one of the posts by leaving a comment.

The winner is a charity designated by the winning blogger. My charity is Saddle Up, a program that teaches children with disabilities how to ride horses. It is a wonderful program where my wife is a volunteer instructor. They could use the extra money that my winning post would give them.

My entry “The College Student Debt Machine: A National Disgrace” has won rounds one and two and is now competing in the Sweet 16. 

You can vote by visiting the competition page and leaving the word “disgrace” in a comment. Voting ends Wednesday morning.

Thanks for your support.Feed Mr. ToughMoneyLove

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4 Responses to “Please Vote to Support My Charity”
  1. That was a great post. You’ve got my vote. I’m heading over there right now. Good luck!

  2. Tom says:

    Congrats on winning! 😉

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