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I found a few interesting and amusing writings this week to share:

My oldest son understands my attitude about young adults who go to law school or who enter an MBA program because they have nothing better to do. He sent me a link to this funny piece about a year of law school is now mandatory for 25 year old Americans.

Also on the cynically humorous side (my favorite side) was this post on “8 Signs Your Money Hates You.”

Generation X Finance compiled a nice list of free online finance courses

I discovered a new blog this week called Bad Money Advice. I don’t agree with everything he says but I like the way he writes (his cynicism reminds me of me) and the topics he selects. He apparently has a lot of time on his hands to polish his work because he is an unemployed former hedge fund manager.  Anyway, check his stuff out for yourself.

For some additional things to read, visit this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance and the Money Hacks Carnival (where my article was an editor’s pick).

Have a warm and sunny weekend.

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