My Weekly Money Reader – Daylight Savings Edition

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I have family visiting this week from Florida (Mrs. ToughMoneyLove’s cousin Bill and his family).  Bill’s wife is trying to score a slot on a musical reality show and tryouts were this morning.  Don’t know how that will turn out but it did require a substantial investment of time and money yesterday getting a demo CD produced at a local recording studio.   Everyone has dreams and you need to take your shot when opportunity arises, so kudos to her and to Bill for his support.

I read a few money things of interest this week.

Flexo at Consumerism Commentary confessed that he had been renting for ten years before deciding recently to procure renter’s insurance.  This reminded me that insuring against significant financial loss is always a good strategy, particularly when the economy doesn’t give us much hope for protection in other areas.

Doc s at Finance Your Life wrote about his realization that work-life balance is important but pulling that card as a young, unmarried professional can damage your career. 

Jeremy at Generation X Finance had an excellent response to a reader who was questioning why he should keep investing in this market.  I would add a reminder that when you purchase stocks or stock mutual funds, you are buying ownerships in companies, not putting money in a bank.  The falling market is not taking any of your ownership away so be patient.

My writing appeared in two blog carnivals this week.

Carnival of Personal Finance

Rich Life Carnival

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.  That means don’t think about that awful mortgage bailout package that you are paying for.

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One Response to “My Weekly Money Reader – Daylight Savings Edition”
  1. Doctor S says:

    Mr. TML, thanks for pulling out the true message behind my post and sharing it with everyone. You know I always highly respect your opinions! Thanks for the love.

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