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Periodically Mr. ToughMoneyLove has to step back and give credit where it is due. 

This week I learned about a new initiative that Microsoft has launched to provide free IT skills training (basic and advanced) to individuals looking to change or advance their careers.  Called “Microsoft Elevate America,” Microsoft will work with the states to design offer training programs on an individual basis using one million training vouchers.  The free training will include some of Microsoft’s IT certification programs.

Microsoft Elevate America is being initially launched in Washington, New York, and Florida with more states to come over the next three years.

Kudos to Microsoft for doing this to help folks improve their situation in difficult economy.  I’m thinking that this free training will have a lot more practical value to people than dumping money into a no-name MBA program.

Speaking of upgrading your skills, the accountants, tax lawyers, and estate planning lawyers among us are going to be thoroughly challenged by the plans that the Obama wealth re-redistribution team has put in motion.  Marginal rates are going up, the value of itemized deductions is going down, and the scheduled one year disappearance of the estate tax in 2010 is going to be squashed like a bug.  Enjoy the work!

I read a few other things this week that may be worthy of your time as well.

Matt at Steadfast Finances makes a brief but important point about not buying into asset bubbles.

Free Money Finance is continuing his “March Madness” blog post contest.  My post on College Student Loan Debt emerged victorious in round 1.  The second round brackets are out.  If you want to help advance my favorite charity (Saddle Up) towards victory, please vote for me on March 13.

Master Your Card has a nice primer on credit counseling services.  I had some hard truth complaints about the NFCC last summer.  Tomorrow I will have something to say about the so-called “secret programs” to pay down credit card debt.

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Carnivals are always a good source of diverse views on personal finance.

Enjoy your weekend. I will return tomorrow with more hard truth.

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One Response to “Free IT Skills Training from Microsoft”
  1. TMN says:

    It’s nice that Microsoft has found a way to benefit people through one of their marketing campaigns, but don’t let the thin veneer of charity fool you. This program is a move to fight their mounting losses on the desktop, nothing more. Increasing the pool of workers trained exclusively in their products is a huge win for them. I have no doubt they’re expecting the program to be a net profit for them.

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