A Baby Boomer Interviews Himself

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Most of you know that Mr. ToughMoneyLove is a baby boomer.  (If you didn’t know that, you might want to read my About page.)

What some of you may not know is that I blog as a baby boomer on a different blog, Go To Retirement.  It is a blog that I started in late November 2008 in sort of a “soft launch” mode.  After working on the design and content of the site, and figuring out things such as how often I would be posting, I have decided it is time to more formally introduce readers of Tough Money Love to Go To Retirement.  I thought a good way to do that would be to have me, Mr. ToughMoneyLove, interview myself, Mr. GoTo.  So here goes.

What is Go To Retirement about?  The tag line says it’s “a baby boomer’s journey from retirement planning to retirement living.”  The baby boomer is me (and my wife) and that is an accurate description of what I write about.  At my age (58), I have retirement on my mind quite often.  A more accurate description of what I have in mind is financial independence – a position in life where I can choose to work or not, without having to do it for money.  So I write about my thoughts and experiences on places to retire, retirement planning, investing for retirement, boomer and retirement lifestyle issues, and everything in between.

Why don’t you write on retirement and baby boomer topics here at Tough Money Love?  I do to some extent but if I disgorged all of my thoughts and ideas as a baby boomer here, a lot of the younger folks would probably start to gag.  Also, you may have noticed that I rant quite a bit over here which can sometimes get in the way of good information exchange.  Go To Retirement gives me an opportunity to dial back the energy level and focus more on what is actually happening or supposed to happen in our lives as we enter the home stretch toward retirement.  Here at Tough Money Love I will continue to challenge myself and others to do the right things in all areas of personal finance.

Are you an arrogant know-it-all at Go To Retirement like you are here?  I think not because I certainly do not know it all about retirement planning or living.  I don’t know it all here either, even though I may act like it in the way I write.  I just know more than the people who disagree with me, including most politicians. (Whoops – there’s that arrogance again.  Sorry.)

I see you have more advertising at Go To Retirement. Why is that?  That’s an easy one. I’m just taking my own advice. Lots of baby boomers are scrambling to develop extra income to compensate for the severe damage to our retirement nest eggs. If I can generate a little revenue without interfering with the give and take of information and ideas at Go To Retirement, it makes me less dependent on things like Spendulus 2009.

If I am not a baby boomer, is there any reason for me to visit Go To Retirement?  Yes, lots of reasons. First, everyone should be thinking about retirement planning at all ages.  Second, younger folks might want to know what lies ahead for them and what their parents are thinking about.  Third, you can disagree with me there and I won’t get mad or even.  Fourth, as hard as it is for me to admit it, there are some non-baby boomers who know stuff that baby boomers don’t.  (Well, that’s the theory anyway.)  Fifth, I have some videos over there that you can watch while you’re doing not so fun stuff, like your taxes.  So please come on over and join in.

Last question. Who will win the World Series in 2009?  It’s too soon to tell but it will most likely be the team that can sustain yet control its ‘roid rage all through the summer.

Wait – one more. Is that you interviewing you in the photo?  No, those are our two black labs when they were very young. They are anxiously waiting for us to retire so that we can amuse them with our human tricks.

If you have any questions or comments for Mr. GoTo, please visit him at Go To Retirement.  And thanks so much for reading and joining in the conversation here.

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2 Responses to “A Baby Boomer Interviews Himself”
  1. Christine says:

    Hi, I enjoy this blog and subscribe. I’m only 40 so I’m not going to subscribe to your new blog, as it doesn’t look pertinent right now. I already have too many blogs to read! Will you remind us occasionally to go over there (and provide the link) and check out what you’re writing? Thanks!

  2. Christine – Thanks for your comment. I understand about blog overload as I subscribe to almost 100 myself. I will certainly remind you and others when I write something at Go To Retirement that I think might interest you.

    I appreciate your readership.

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