Weekend Round-Up: Tax Cheats in Government Edition

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Periodically in recent months Mr. ToughMoneyLove has expressed doubt (actually almost certainty) that a new administration would make changes but not those we could believe in.  Government continues to throw money at problems without properly acknowledging that it is one of the problems.

Now it is clear that some of our new Cabinet officers have their own money problems, namely, being tax cheats. Treasury Secretary Geithner and HHS nominee Daschle both seem to have trouble with tax law compliance.

Some of your may be offended by my use of the “tax cheat” label.  These fellas claim to have made innocent mistakes.  Is the idea of having tax incompetents running our government and spending our money more appealing?  Is anyone surprised that a new President has the same tendency as our previous President, i.e., picking “leaders” in spite of some painfully obvious (and in my opinion, disqualifying) flaws?  I am not surprised.  As usual, politics trumps competence and integrity.

A few personal finance articles I read this week that I think may be worth your time as well:

The Dough Roller published a comprehensive guide to resources that may help stop foreclosures.  If you know someone at risk of losing their home to foreclosure, this would be good place to send them.

Here is a timely reminder of why not to use tax refund anticipation loans from Everyday Finance.

Money Ning explains why we should not be so negative in our feelings about current economic conditions.

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Keep your eyes and ears open for more interesting news about the Obama Cabinet nominees.  Not all of it will be good.

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5 Responses to “Weekend Round-Up: Tax Cheats in Government Edition”
  1. Strabo says:

    Those without sin, throw the first stone. 😉

  2. I think it’s interesting that so many people feel the way you do about this kind of thing. People are angry when government officials are caught trying to pay less taxes. But then there is so much stuff out there on the Net on how to minimize our own tax bills, yet no one ever thinks to criticize everyday citizens that jump through hoops to pay as little as possible.

    Is it because we expect more out of our government officials or is it just hypocrisy?

  3. PW says:

    There is a definite difference between paying taxes via allowed deductions, etc. which we do,with the help of a CPA (not the net) and just not paying what you owe with no “loophole” used. I mean come on,let’s get real. Gov. officials know that they will “never get caught” by being a tax cheat, and is evidenced,if they do get caught,they get off the hook or negotiate a deal. Regular citizens can be audited and heavily penalized with fines etc. No deal for regular citizens. You can bet whomever publicized these gov. tax cheats will get audited and scrutinized.Besides, gov. officials should show a pattern and example of honesty and integrity. That has been long gone from all gov. officials. They all feel they are above the law, and guess what, they are!! What kind of message does this show to younger tax payers, cheat and hope you don’t get caught??

  4. MasterPo says:

    Does anyone think the IRS would be so understanding and symapthetic if you or I had “forgotten” to pay income tax on several thousand dollars for many years?

    I have a bridge to sell…

  5. c littman says:

    Time to take the money out of the hands of the politicians. They have proven to be not worthy of the trust of the people with thei money. Most to all of them are liars and cheats. Predators. Living high on taxpayers money. Wasting huge amounts of money taken from working people who are SUFFERing because they cannot make ends meet to make up for the money taken away in taxes.

    TAX REFORM!!! Under FAIRTAX everybody pays taxes NO LOOP HOLES.

    We need new guidlines under which politicians can raise taxes and spend the $$$$$. We need referendums on expenditures proposed.

    The IRS has to be abolished. The system is not working it is creating slaves and elites.



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