An Important Gift to Ourselves that Money Can Buy

December 29, 2008 by  
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Mrs. ToughMoneyLove and I are in Florida this week for a brief visit with my parents and other family.  I won’t be writing a lot because frankly my time is better spent elsewhere.

I do want to openly acknowledge something to everyone who is kind enough to read what I write here:  I am grateful to have the extra money available to make these trips possible.  This time with family is a special gift to ourselves.  It was not wrapped up in paper or even purchased in a store but it outranks all of those that were.

Too often we forget how much positive energy and satisfaction we derive from even these short visits we have with people we love but who are not geographically close.  Sometimes we hesitate to justify the expense – hundreds of dollars for a few days.  The logical part of us is resisting this money vs. time tradeoff.  That hesitation would be particularly acute in tough economic times like these.  Yet, after we arrived yesterday and began our visit all I realized once again that the expense for a gift of time like this is totally worth it.

So this is for all the frugalists and investors out there who are working hard to save money through deprivation and grow money in the market.  Those are admirable goals to be sure.  But don’t forget to mentally and emotionally allocate some of the fruits of your financial labor to buy these special gifts of time to yourself and your family.  If you are making lists of money resolutions for next year, this should be on it.

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4 Responses to “An Important Gift to Ourselves that Money Can Buy”
  1. Doctor S says:

    Enjoy your time well spent w/ the ones who are important to you! Even the most frugalist people in this world must be saving up their money for something. Its good to see people revealing what is truely important to them. It gives every reader something that they can related to and truely hits home. Happy holidays and a safe new year to you Mr. TML!

  2. vilkri says:

    We did the same thing. We gave our parents and us the gift of spending time together. We are also in Florida and happy that we can afford to visit. Good relationships are important to us and they always makes us happy. Enjoy your visit!

  3. goldenrail says:

    I completely agree with you. I’ll gladly eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for a month in order to go visit an old friend for a few days or spend some quality time with my family. Sometimes it’s harder to spend the same amount of money in bigger chunks, but it’s important to think about what’s important to you before dismissing something as too expensive.

  4. I couldn’t agree with you more. I think it comes down to Quality of Life. Definitely respect your money but remember to live life as well. Enjoy your visit.

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