Taking on the Lighter Side of Economic Bad News

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A long time friend sent me an email yesterday with a compilation of questions and answers pertaining to recent economic events.  Because these questions are of such high importance, I thought I should interrupt my normal flow of personal finance opinions, commentary, and information so that you could read them yourself. 

Please note that I am not able to identify the source of the answers (or even the original questions).  Therefore, Mr. ToughMoneyLove cannot vouch for them in any way.  That being said, please enjoy:

1.  I went to the ATM this morning.  In response to my request for cash, the ATM display read “insufficient funds”….   So now I’m wondering – is it them or is it me?

2.   With the stock market in severe crisis and turmoil, what ‘s the easiest way to make a small fortune? 

Start with a large fortune.

3.   How do you define an optimist?

A banker who irons five dress shirts on Sunday.

4.  What is the difference between a Wall Street investment banker and a large pizza?

A large pizza can still feed a family of four. 

5.  What is the capital of Iceland?

About $3.75 

6.  What is the difference between an investment bank and Madonna?

Both are institutions with reputations built on assets that, upon closer inspection, turn out to be mostly artificial, vastly over-inflated and in danger of dropping to the floor at any moment.   However, Maddona at least is still worth something.

We will now return to our regular hard truth programming because, alas, the real economic news isn’t getting any funnier.

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