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Today being Veteran’s Day, Mr. ToughMoneyLove wants to express his gratitude to all of those who have served and are now serving our country in the military.   My older brother served in the Navy during the Vietnam War.  My father also served in the Navy during WWII.  My grandfather owned a chemical company that was a leading supplier of the chemical compound used on Navy ships to generate smokescreens during sea battles.

I have never served in the military, having drawn a high number in the draft lottery held while I was in college during the Vietnam War.  To be honest, I feel some guilt about not having served but there is not much I can do about it at my age except to express my appreciation to those who did. 

One of my fellow personal finance bloggers, Patrick at Cash Money Life, comes from a strong military family and is a veteran himself.  I highly recommend that you visit his site and read his recent tribute to his late grandfather, who was not only a veteran of WWII but obviously a strong family man with a tremendous work ethic.  Patrick’s heartfelt tribute will certainly give you a boost.  While you are there reading, be sure to leave a comment thanking Patrick and the rest of his family for their service to our country. 

Finally, I want to encourage my readers to honor those who have served and show their support for those now serving by making a donation to the USO, one of the charities I support.  Some of you in the younger generations may not be familiar with the work of the USO.  For you, I have borrowed this summary from the USO website. 

For over 67 years, the USO (United Service Organizations) has served as the primary bridge between the American people and America’s Armed Forces, delivering a unique combination of morale building, counseling, and recreational services to our troops and their families all over the world. 

The USO is chartered by Congress as a nonprofit, charitable corporation. However, the USO is not part of the U.S. government. Instead, it is funded almost entirely by donations from individuals, organizations, and corporations. A full 89¢ out of every $1.00 donated to the USO is spent on the delivery of programs and services to our troops.  

The USO is perhaps best known for its celebrity entertainment tours – which transport the brightest Stars of Movies, Music, and Sports across the globe to perform for our men and women in uniform. Beyond this, however, the USO provides a remarkable array of vital services. 

Whether its helping a young soldier find her way in a foreign airport… counseling a child whose parents are both overseas… or providing a place of refuge and a chance to call home for troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, or Korea: the USO delivers a touch of home to military personnel and their families at a time when it’s most needed and most welcomed. 

In addition to handing out pre-paid phone cards, the USO supplies departing troops with Care Packages of sunscreen, toiletries, and snacks that simply aren’t available where they’re going. USO volunteers meet arriving flights across the country every day, to make sure that returning GIs are welcomed home as heroes. 

USO Family and Community Centers help military families adjust to new surroundings and support families separated by deployments. USO Mobile Canteens, equipped with refreshments, televisions, and mini-stages for live performances, can go anywhere in the world to meet the needs of our forces in the field. USO Airport Centers assist military personnel and their families in transit, offering translation services, libraries and reading rooms, TV and game rooms, housing and accommodation assistance, nursery facilities, and local information; in some Centers, GIs can even take a shower or a nap.

All told, the more than 130 USO facilities in the United States and around the World are visited by more than 5,000,000 service members and their dependents each year.

If you want to donate, please scroll down and click the link in the left sidebar of this page.  That will take you to the USO website.  If you donate using that link, the USO is going to send me a small payment for referring donors to its site.  Every penny of any such payments will be sent by me directly back to the USO.  I do this so as to lower the cost to the USO of soliciting donations, as compared to other solicitation methods where it may cost them something.  You will also get a free flag for donating.  This is the time of year where all men and women in uniform serving abroad need support.  Thanks for helping the USO provide that support. 

Have a great day remembering our military men and women.Feed Mr. ToughMoneyLove

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One Response to “Salute to Our Veterans”
  1. Patrick says:

    TML, thank you for your Veteran’s Day tribute and for sharing my Grandfather’s story with your readers. He may have been embarrassed to see it shared with others, but my family and I are all proud of him.

    The USO does a great job of supporting our troops in airports and with entertainment overseas. When I travel through the airports I sometimes drop off a couple books for the troops.

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