Personal Finance Hard Truth Week in Review – It’s Almost Over Edition

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The campaign is in its final days.  I expect we will have six months or so before the next group of presidential wannabes begins making noises about 2012.

My favorite political ad this week is from the Obama campaign.  It encourages us to visit a website that includes their amazing tax saving calculator.  Apparently, you input your income and other data and it tells you how much money President Obama is going to give you.  McCain has his own plan for giving out money but apparently no calculator for us to use.   That leaves us to guess about how much money we are being promised but won’t actually receive.

I laugh out loud each time I see or hear an ad from Obama or McCain about the money they are promising to give some of us in tax breaks.  Here is my question to both candidates:  Since you are both serving in the U.S. Senate, why haven’t you introduced legislation before now to rebate us all this money you want to give us as President? 

If you are thinking that your preferred candidate will help solve your financial problems, think again because that won’t happen.  The die of our collective financial future as taxpayers has already been cast.  I will write more about this on Monday.  I suggest you instead vote your preferences on non-economic issues. 

This week I had the pleasure of participating in two personal finance blog carnivals: 

Master Your Card hosted the Carnival of Personal Finance and included my post on Financial Risk Management and the Nervous Investor hosted the Carnival of Debt Reduction and my post on Shouldn’t We Burn Credit Cards in Protest? 

Oh – that candy your kids brought home last night?  Start throwing it away.  That’s what we did with our sons, as soon as they fell asleep Halloween night.  It’s not good for anyone to keep that junk in the house.  Or, give it away to your neighbors.  You can pretend you are a candidate buying votes with stuff that won’t last.

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One Response to “Personal Finance Hard Truth Week in Review – It’s Almost Over Edition”
  1. goldenrail says:

    I agree with you on voting on issues other than economics. Economic positions are usually self-serving and have little to do with actual governance of our country.

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