Hard Truth Week in Review – I’d Rather Be Fishing Edition

October 25, 2008 by  
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It’s a good thing I am at the lake with friends this weekend.  The fish will be under attack but are probably safe.  At least I am semi-isolated from the bad economic news at the end of the week.  The market ended on a down note.  OPEC did what was expected and lowered output by 1.5 million barrels per day, saying “OPEC will do whatever is necessary to balance oil markets.”  I don’t know what “balance oil markets” means other than yet another euphemism for “increase prices.”  So, far the price of crude continues to decline.  That’s great news so let’s all continue to stick it to OPEC and its members, none of which would make anyone’s top 100 list of .democratic countries. 

Oh, and we had another bank failure on Friday.  

Finally by the time all of this is over, Congress will have decided that every human on earth making less than $100,000 is a victim and needs some sort of rescue, bailout, stimulus, loan, or tax cut.  Everyone else?  Bend over and grab your wallet.  You will also be a victim – of Congress. 

This past week Mr. ToughMoneyLove was honored to have been selected to participate in the 175th Carnival of Personal Financehosted by Budgets are $exy.  Take a visit for some weekend reading, including my article on How to Remain Optimistic in Tough Economic Times. 

Now I must return to scaring some fish. 

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