Hard Truth Week in Review – Ray of Market Sunshine Edition

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This past week demonstrated renewed volatility in the markets but they ended up so I am not complaining.  Now we need some positive indicators in the manufacturing sector so that investors have something to cheer about and to give them confidence.  In my opinion, the most of the recent market declines are due to emotion and fear and not fundamentals.  Folks, we need a little more optimism out there.  Let me handle the cynicism for you. 

Tip’d – A New Personal Finance Community 

Most of you know that online social networks are all the rage.  Well, a new online community has been formed to support those with an interest in personal finance and related topics.  It’s called Tip’d.  By joining, you can submit online news stories and other content that is relevant and that you find interesting.  Articles that are submitted can be “Tip’d” by readers, thereby promoting its status in the community.   You should definitely take a tour of the site then join.  I will be submitting my posts periodically so look for them and give me a “Tip” if you like them.

Municipal Bond Funds Revisited 

Mr. ToughMoneyLove has been looking again at municipal bond funds because shortly after my post praising their dividend yields, they all tanked with the rest of the market.  If you read the comments to my post on municipal bond funds, you will get some good follow-up insight on why that might have happened.  My take – panicked investors told their brokers and 401(k) managers to “sell everything” without regard to fundamentals.  And sell they did.  It’s a shame that a lot of quality investments lost value due to overwhelming fear in the market. 

Personal Finance Carnivals 

Mr. ToughMoneyLove was pleased and grateful to have been selected for the following personal finance blog carnivals this past week: 

20th Finance Fiesta hosted by Broke Grad Student. 

Investing Carnival #17 hosted by Stock Market Prognosticator. 

Carnival of Personal Finance #174 hosted by Greener Pastures. 

Please take a few minutes to check out all of the fine articles on these carnivals.  You can learn a lot, as I did.

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  1. doctor S says:

    Tip’d is pretty hot I just signed up! Great find.

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