A Week in Personal Finance to Forget (and to Remember)

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From a personal finance standpoint, there isn’t much positive I can say about the past week.  At some point we will recover from this debacle and then we can tell our children and grandchildren that we lived through (and were the victimized by) one of the most chaotic national and international economic periods in history.  That’s not exactly the bedtime story I was looking forward to reciting to the little ones when I get older.

Much continues to be written in the personal finance blogosphere about a variety of issues.  An excellent way to access the best of this writing is to visit the various blog carnivals where it has all been collected for you.  These are the carnivals that Mr. ToughMoneyLove participated in this week: 

The Carnival of Financial Planning selected my post on Selecting a Financial Planner

The Carnival of Personal Finance #173 included my article on How to Get a Free Education in Economics. 

The 19th Finance Fiesta selected my article on Need a Laugh? Consider these Economic “Solutions” from Across America

The Politics and Money Carnival selected my article on This Politician Controls Your Tax Agenda – Be Very Afraid

The 79th Carnival of Money Stories featured my post on The Market Falls While Congress Stalls:  My Plan Revisited

I hope you find some helpful insights by reading the articles at these carnivals.  Then catch your breath and hold on for what should be another eventful week. 

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One Response to “A Week in Personal Finance to Forget (and to Remember)”
  1. goldenrail says:

    On the international economic chaos: the pastor at church today told us that we can tell God is specially watching over Nigeria and that Nigeria belongs to God because stocks on the Nigerian Market only fell about 35%.

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