Reviewing this Week’s Hard Truth about Money and Personal Finance

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Wall Street Pushes Hurricane Ike to the Second Page 

This week has no doubt been a record-beater in the volume of money and finance news that has pushed its way to the front pages of print and electronic news publications.  The people still struggling with Hurricane Ike have been pushed to the second page. 

Next week will likely finish off a two-week period of government actions that will be a free market game changer.  And when I say “game changer,” I do not mean in a positive way.  You will hear more about this next week as I react to the final plan being cobbled together by our political leaders.  Many of those “leaders” are now salivating at the sudden opportunity to throw more money at their favorite constituencies, all in the name of socialized risk.  Stay tuned as I already have plans to offer some strong opinions next week about two personal finance myths pushed by our government that have perpetuated the economic crisis we are witnessing. 

Mr. ToughMoneyLove reads and studies the financial news every week but this week my eyes have glazed over trying to understand and absorb everything that has been published.  I have tried to add my own analysis and spin on this week’s free market crushing events in the following posts, some of which were discussed in other blogs on the web: 

9/14:  The Uncle Sam All-Risk Insurance Company is Back in Action 

9/15:  The Two Personal Finance Lessons We Should Learn from the Demise of U.S. Investment Banks  This post was mentioned by Trent at The Simple Dollar and Andy at Saving to Invest 

9/16:  Your Best Tactics for Tuesday after Market Mania on Monday  PT at Prime Time Money liked this post. 

9/18:  Doing Nothing Can Be a Strategic Response to a Market Crash  Karen Datko who writes for the Smart Spending blog at MSN Money featured this article as did Joshua at the JoshuaBest blog. 

9/19:  This Week’s Biggest Loser?  The Free Market  The Smart Spendingblog at MSN Money liked my comments in this article about the Paulson press conference as did CJ at Wise Money Matters

In addition, the Money Grubbing Lawyer enjoyed my first in a series of posts about protecting you spouse in your personal financial planning

Personal Finance Carnivals 

Mr. ToughMoneyLove is happy to report that several of his recent posts were selected for various personal finance and money carnivals this week: 

Carnival of Personal Finance #170 hosted by The Personal Financier selected my post on considering high interest online checking accounts at community banksMy Journey to Millions commented on this post as well.

Carnival of Money Stories #77 hosted by My Daily Dollars featured Part I of my article on how to be a money strategist to reach your financial goals.  

The Finance Fiesta #16 hosted at Our Four Pence Worth liked my post on how spenders get the gold mine while savers get the shaft

Investing Carnival #13 hosted by Triaging My Way to Financial Success included my post on considering municipal bond funds as a fixed income investment

Carnival of Financial Learning #16 selected my post about how the IRS no longer likes our vacation home.  

I very much appreciate the attention and new readers that flowed from other bloggers who like what I have to say.  Thanks again to everyone. 

Here’s hoping that the politicians can control themselves this week.

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