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Mr. ToughMoneyLove was fortunate to have been selected to participate in several personal finance and money carnivals this week.   Let’s take a brief tour of what’s out there.

First, Broke Grad Student selected my post on gold as an inflation fighter for the 167th Carnival of Personal Finance .  There are lots of other interesting articles there, organized under a Beijing Olympics theme.

Second, notthejetset hosted the 74th edition of the Carnival of Money Stories and included my post on money, personal finance and being judgmental as an Editor’s Pick.  Again, many other informative posts to read there, under an “Olympic Hangover” theme.

The Carnival of Financial Learning #13 featured a bunch of excellent educational material including my post on the newly proposed rules for investment advisers and 401(k) plans

Finally, No Credit Needed presents a great list of debt reduction ideas on the Carnival of Debt Reduction, including my post on using flawed investment return data in the good debt-bad debt debate.

I hope you enjoy the tour.

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