Using Your Health Savings Account as a Super Roth Investment Vehicle

I forgot to tell my readers that the Free Money Finance blog recently published my guest post on using your health savings account (or HSA) as a super-Roth investment vehicle. You can read it at the excellent FMF blog along with some excellent comments and feedback from FMF readers.  Check it out – you may want to give this different retirement planning strategy a try.

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2 Responses to “Using Your Health Savings Account as a Super Roth Investment Vehicle”
  1. DoctorS says:

    I absolutely hate my FSA account. They gave me a card to use and it never worked, so I got a new card and guess what? That didn’t work either! I got a few paper claims I have been delaying on filling out and I am taking the hit on the credit cards now that I used to purchase what I originally needed. Can you tell im mad? Great post and link to that article!

  2. DocS – Thanks for the comment. I’ve never had an FSA account but an HSA is better for healthcare because the balance rolls over. I believe in an FSA, you spend it or lose it each year.

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