Tough Money Love Tours the Personal Finance Carnivals

Mr. ToughMoneyLove was excited to learn that two of his posts were selected this week for inclusion in personal finance blog carnivals.  I’ve not been to a carnival in many years, and never using the magic of virtual participation.  What a fuel-saving concept!

First, in this week’s edition 166 of the Carnival of Personal Finance (hosted by Dan of the Everyday Finance blog), my post on the Ten Warning Signs of a Normal Financial Life was selected as an Editor’s Choice Article.  Thanks, Dan.  I encourage readers of Tough Money Love to visit this Carnival because there are some other great posts linked there.  

A particular shout-out to the Blue Jeans Millionaire , a wealth manager and carnival participant who gave a special mention to my Ten Warning Signs post.  I appreciated her focus on fully-amortizing, 15 year mortgage loans, something that Mr. ToughMoneyLove favors as well.

Over on the Carnival of Debt Reduction, host John (of MightyBargainHunter fame) awarded a “Gold Medal” to my article discussing a potential future tax benefit of a paid-off mortgage.  I’ve decided that I like medals, so thanks, John.  If you are (or want to be) in a debt reduction mode, be sure to visit that carnival soon and check out all of the great posts that John awarded medals to.

Finally, the 73rd Carnival of Money Stories hosted by LAL at Living Almost Large included the second post in my Tough Love Campaign Against Credit Score Obsession.  I’ve got to update that series soon.  There is lots to talk about.

Anyway, I have enjoyed my first virtual tours of the personal finance blog carnivals.  Hope you will check them out as well.

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One Response to “Tough Money Love Tours the Personal Finance Carnivals”
  1. Thanks for the shout-out, and congrats on having a bang-up week on the carnivals.

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