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I read and study constantly in personal finance.  I am particularly interested in portfolio theory, asset allocation, retirement tax planning, and retirement withdrawal rates and portfolio survival. 

Of course, I regularly read posts and comments on dozens of finance and money blogs.  Some of those posts are quite informative but others are mostly fluff and/or are recycled from other blogs.  Thus, I think it is important to regularly move beyond the money and finance blogosphere for other points of view and to get information that is closer to economic science.

Right now I am reading “Yes, You Can Still Retire Comfortably“, a book by Ben Stein and Phil DeMuth.  I also am listening in my car to the audio CD series of “You’re Fifty- Now What (Investing for the Second Half of Your Life)” by Charles Schwab.  The Schwab series is somewhat dated but I am particularly interested in determining how Schwab’s views may have migrated since then, based on current market conditions.  I intend to publish reviews of these when I am through, probably in the next two weeks.  I have a number of other personal finance books I have read recently that I intend to review as well.  Thus, if you are interested in personal finance education, you will be getting a lot of information about personal finance books in my posts.

I am always open to suggestion from others about good reads in personal finance, investing, and retirement planning, so let me hear from you if you have a favorite.

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