More Love than Tough Love for Pork Senator Ted Stevens?

July 31, 2008 by  
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Sen. Ted Stevens of Alaska was indicted this week on multiple corruption charges involving failure to disclose benefits he received from government contractors.  Stevens is known as a pork barrel money specialist, bringing into his state $1.84 in federal spending for each $1.00 in taxes paid by Alaskans.  This works out to $4,783 in earmark appropriations per Alaskan – 18 times the national average.  That’s our money being wasted, folks.  The reaction of many Alaskans to the indictment is: “Who cares what he has been charged with – he has brought us a lot of money – and we want to keep it coming.”  This response falls under the old adage – “he may be a crook but at least he’s our crook.”  

Based on recent history, Alaska is jam-packed with politicians with suspect ethics.  (Stevens’ son has also been scrutinized.)   Louisiana must be loving this because it has long been known as the corruption capital – at least down here in the South.

I don’t know about you but I don’t care what state it is – bridges to nowhere are not in the public interest and I don’t want my tax dollars used to pay for them.  I hope that if Stevens is found guilty that it will stop the torrential flow of federal money into the state – at least for a while. 

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