Money and Behavior

Transforming a Mortgage Deadbeat is Harder than You Think

I have “mortgage modification” fatigue. More specifically, I am tired... 

The Sad Decline in Personal Net Worth

The Federal Reserve does at least one thing well: Finding economic bad news and sharing... 

Police Repel Moronic Sneaker Buyers

It is hard to decide which is more stupid – paying north of $200 for sneakers... 

Black Friday Sanity v. Consumer Craziness

An entire mini-industry has been constructed around Black Friday, our newest national... 

Is Consumer Stupidity Incurable?

I saw this headline and had to comment:¬†Banks continue to rake in huge amounts in... 

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Obama Gets an “F” in Tuition Economics

The vote buying season is in full bloom, manifested by President Obama’s speech... 

Obama Buying Votes instead of Prosecuting Fraud

A sinking President Obama is trying to buy votes from those who are already underwater.... 

Pushing MBA’s Out of the Driver’s Seat

Long-time readers know that Mr. ToughMoneyLove is not a fan of MBA programs and,... 

The Relative Decline of the Western Economies

Many of us have a sense and concern that China (and even India) are on a path to... 

Can You Hold Your Financial Breath for Two Days?

Today and tomorrow are set up to be quite tumultuous for the world of personal finance.... 

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Visualizing a Lost Decade

Would you like to see an ugly picture of long term investing in the last decade? Read on. [Read more of this post]  Read More →

Is a Crash Coming?

I can’t add much to a recent article from the Wall Street Journal. It contains a list of ten reasons why the market may due for another a big drop. They are reasons based on logic, not hysteria. [Read more of this post]  Read More →

Re-thinking Asset Allocation and Correlation

A bedrock principle of asset allocation for the long term investor is asset correlation. The theory is that a properly allocated portfolio includes investments in different asset categories or classes that are non-correlated. This means that as general market and economic conditions change, the different asset classes won’t experience a lockstep... [Read more of this post]

Bank of America Withdrawal and Investment Simplification

Yesterday and today I continued the process of disengaging from our relationship with Bank of America. ¬† [Read more of this post]  Read More →

Anticipating a Second Market Collapse

The doomsday investors and prognosticators are out in full force. They are predicting another collapse of the markets. I am concerned, of course, as I am in the retirement home stretch. There are plenty of theories for why we should expect more bad news. [Read more of this post]  Read More →

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